Am I a bad Catholic for


Gorging on Girl Scout cookies knowing perfectly well that the Girl Scouts promote the genocide of the unborn? Should I take it to confession tomorrow?


Dude, don’t worry about it.
Just about half of the places you spend money at support abortion (nike, starbucks, macys, and verizon off the top of my head) and just about everything supports gay marriage (another anti-catholic belief). As long as you yourself dont support it and you have no intention of helping these causes, your conscience is clean. God Bless you brother


Having eating problems myself, I sympathize with your over eating on these cookies. It is impossible in our society to buy anything without supporting some evil somewhere in this world. I don’t think it is a sin to buy and eat Girl Scout Cookies but on general principles I avoid them. Girl Scouts used to be a fine organization and local clubs may still do some good. Once in a while I will contribute cash to a local club if they are selling bake goods at the grocery store but never to the organization as a whole.

If you are worried though, mention it to the Priest.


Gorging on Girl Scout cookies knowing perfectly well that the Girl Scouts promote the genocide of the unborn? Should I take it to confession tomorrow?

Eat the cookies and be happy. Good grief.


Hate to admit it, but I broke down and bought a box of Trefoils (shortbread variety) from the Girls selling at the store entrance last weekend. I made them recite the pledge before I handed over the cash. Sounded pretty much the same as when I recited it years ago.

I put the cookies in the freezer, thinking that would stop me, but they were all eaten in a couple of days.

Confession time! :o


The gorging could definitely be mentioned if you aren’t exaggerating (gluttony is a sin, and it’s a big one I have struggled with). The fact that they are GS cookies doesn’t matter, unless you bought them specifically because of GS ties to PP, and not because they taste good.

(A couple weeks ago someone gave me a knock off Thin Mint that was amazing, though. I gotta ask where she got them!)


I love shortbread cookies and putting them in the freezer wouldn’t stop me, either. But I don’t buy Girl Scout cookies. Too expensive. I can get better shortbread for less. But I do like theirs.


Keebler make a cooky called “Grasshoppers,” which is probably what you had. They are almost identical.


Thanks for the tip! I rarely buy store bought.cookies and don’t buy GS cookies either. This one was larger and square, and it tasted very similar to what I remember.


Make the commitment to go to confession tomorrow and spill the beans since it is bothering you. There. Now that you made that decision, stop worrying about it and enjoy the rest of the evening. Problem solved. :wink: :thumbsup:


Uh…no. :rolleyes:

Considering that a good 90% of everything store bought in your house is parented by a very large company that also openly supports abortion…I think you’re fine.

Pepsi-co is the parent company of some 30-40 different name-brands that we all know, love and buy on a regular basis.

There was a huge stink about Pepsi using fetal cells for research. Good luck boycotting every single product that company represents.

I’m sure people do it all the time and avoid Pepsi products…but most moms just want to get into the grocery store, get the food the kids and hubby all like and get out of there in one piece.


From what I’m inferring in most of the posts is that cafeteria catholism (Christianity) is alive and well. I try my best to avoid things that I have a ethical/moral problem with. I try not to buy products made in china, not easy but doable with patience. No it doesn’t always happen but I’ve been able to cut down on products from there. I won’t watch movies etc… with a certain actor as I don’t wish to contribute to his monetary gain.
If you have an issue with a company any company don’t do business with them. This is how we can change the world. If by mistake you eat one of those cookes(say you are at a party and they are in a bowl unmarked as gs cookies) no worries. If you believe in something prove it. Blessings to all.


Ahhh, good to know you’re a better Catholic than any of the other posters. The “blessings to all” after you’ve slammed them is a nice touch, too.


I generally agree with what jesusonthecross has said,

However, the only change I would make, is if I am aware these people selling cookies are doing it specifically to fund raise for Planned Parenthood, I will say no thanks and buy cookies elsewhere if I can.

However, generally when we purchase things, once the money leaves our hands it’s no longer on us anymore (unless of course we purchase immoral things or intentionally give money to immoral things).

The difference is probably with fund raising sales of cookies and things, is that generally the cookies are over priced and we all agree to their over price because we wish to donate to their cause.

I doubt it was a sin, as you had no intention of donating to their cause.

Anyway, these are just some of my thoughts,

I hope this has helped

God Bless

Thank you for reading


The Grasshopper cooky is round, just like the Thin Mints. They are very good when you are making hamburger cookies. : )


This has been on the boards before.

Here’s the Girl Scouts’ reply. They go to great length to explain that none of the money from cookie sales goes to Planned Parenthood and that the organization has no position in support of abortion.


Ahh Heidi… Thank you for being a bell of mindfulness for me. I’ve nasty habits of being arrogant, obnoxious, and judgmental among others. Your post was a reminder for me to stop and breathe. I apologize to all that I offended with my harsh, judgmental words earlier. Blessings to all-be well.


This is a wonderful post. If we purchased against every company that misses somehow misses the mark, we would never buy ANYTHING.


What a nice post. May I always be as gracious in responding to criticism.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

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