Am I a born-again Christian?

Approx 4 years ago I came back to my Catholic Faith. Got my previous Marriage anulled.I volunteer in my Church and am an active member of my Church. I realized my life was not complete without the Lord.(I left the church 30 yrs ago.) I was lost but am now found.Am I a born again Christian?? A friend of mine from my church says no.Is Carol right?? She says I have to attend seminars etc… to be born again. Thank You for your reply. Josie


Usually, when people speak of being born again, they mean that people must feel a an awareness that they have been given the outpouring of the Holy Spirit–usually after others have laid hands on them and have prayed over them. But what the Catholic Church teaches is that one is born again by being baptized. And both Scripture and Tradition back this up.


Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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