Am I a Catholic?

I am a lifelong, practicing Episcopalian (Anglican). I communicate weekly, pray and read the Bible and confess my sins to God daily. By God’s grace, I try hard to live the Christian life. In my prayers, I always pray the Ave Maria as well as the Our Father. Would the Roman Catholic Church recognize me as being in some sense a fellow Catholic?


The Catholic Church recognizes you as being a validly baptized Christian as it does most Protestants. But it would only recognize you to be a Catholic if you were a Catholic. To be a Catholic means that one accepts all that the Catholic Church teaches because it alone teaches with the authority God gave to it in the person of St. Peter, the first pope and all the popes who have succeeded him.

It is good that you are devout and we happily join you in your daily prayer.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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