Am I a convert?


Hello all, question for you… am I really a “convert?” I know I’m Catholic, but…

I was baptized 3 years ago at Easter Vigil as a Catholic. I’ve was never been baptized before, so no other faith claimed me or my baptism. My kids are considered “Catholic” as they were baptized with me… they are not called “converts.” So if my one and only baptism was into the Catholic Church, am I a considered a “convert” in the true sense of the word?

I don’t know what got me thinking about this today, but I didn’t “convert” from another faith… my one and only faith, by choice at the age of 37 was Catholic.



I wouldn’t presume to know the answer, but does it matter?

Just say you’re Catholic. (YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!) Some of us become Catholic at birth by virtue of the Sacraments; others become Catholic later in life. Neither is better than the other.


Did you experience a conversion? Then yes.


No, technically, it doesn’t matter. And I’ve not put much thought into it until today when I was listening to Patrick Madrid on the radio and he was talking about the difference between a “cradle Catholic” and a “convert.” I don’t seem to fit either one of those…hence my question… It was just a random thought that entered my mind… Doesn’t make or break anything…just curious.


I just checked a dictionary for you. Here’s the link:

I think it should answer your question adequately.

As you can see even though we think of a “convert” as a person who changed her/his beliefs, it equally applies to a person who adopted new beliefs. Thus yes, you are a convert…


You are quite right, technically it doesn’t matter, but curiosity isn’t all bad.

The technical answer, found in the National Statutes for the Catechumenate approved by the (US) National Conference of Catholic Bishops in 1988 (someone is bound to ask for the source ;)) is that “the term ‘convert’ should be reserved strictly for those converted from unbelief to Christian belief.” I’m not sure if that fits your situation or not. However, in my experience 99% of the time the word convert is used to describe anyone now a Catholic who was not a cradle Catholic. The other 1% is us RCIA “professionals” with a lot of free time on our hands:D and a few other sticklers.

And never let your curiosity about matters of our faith be stifled. We all, cradle and “converts” can learn something new every day.


By the definitions, I’m not sure where I’d fit either ! I was raised by Protestant Grandparents and a Great Aunt who was Catholic. The first prayer I ever learned was the “Hail Mary”. My Grandma took me to the later morning Sunday Protestant service she attended, but my Great Aunt got me at 7 am and took me to Sunday Mass each week also ! I was not baptized in either, since neither one felt they could do so without my Mother’s permission. I finally went to live with my Mom when I was about 8 years old. I asked to attend Catholic School, and did so for two years. The second year, my class was preparing for First Communion the following May. In October I found out I’d never been Baptized, promptly did so, with Mom’s permission, and made my First Communion and First Confession that same weekend. Did go in the pretty white dress with the rest of my class in May for the “formal” First Communion class with my classmates. Now, am I a Convert? Believed in the Catholic Faith from about age 3 onward. Attended Mass every Sunday, and often went to Mass at the local Catholic Church during the week prior to attending public school. Learned the Rosary at about age 4 or 5. I thought the services were different because the buildings were different ! LOL !! I was, after all, just a kid, and no one told me WHY they were different, and I never thought to ask. Had no idea there were “different” types of Christians at all. Didn’t find out about that until I was nearly 9 years old ! So, would I be a Convert? Technically, I suppose I am, but never believed any Faith other than Catholic, so…??


I thought I’d wade into the subject with my own thoughts. Since the word convert means to change then I would venture to say you are a convert. My thought is, from what you have posted, that you have changed from no strong belief to the Catholic belief system.

It would be much like an athiest. They were never baptized and no religion claimed them but they would be “converts” none the less if they came to accept the Catholic faith.

Just my opinion…:shrug:


You would most definately be considered a convert. God bless you and welcome to the Church of Jesus Christ.


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