Am I a hypocrite in this situation?

I told someone who was laying down that they could get heartburn because he just ate. A day or two later right after I ate I laid down to take a nap. Also, I told someone that I feel God’s voice of peace direct me to what He wants me to do, but conscientiously I don’t always follow this voice. Was I a hypocrite in these situations? If I’m being scrupulous you could just write “scrupulous”.

Scrupulous. Discuss your scrupulousity with a priest!


Not really hypocritical. The first situation you took a nap, knowing the risks of heartburn. The second, just because you feel leading doesnt mean you have to follow it. We’re not robots.


*If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts as at Meribah and Massah in the wilderness where your fathers tested me. (Psalm 95:8-9)

Scrupulous. Sometimes the need for the nap outweighs the risk.


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