Am I a victim of this?


A while back a guy driving a car that may have been worth 250 dollars claimed I backed into him in a parking lot as he came around behind me. He was speeding and I don’t know what he believed. I was and am almost certain I did not hit his vehicle.

He kept nagging me, so I gave him 50 dollars to settle the issue. I still admit no guilt.

Am I a victim?


It seems like you quite possibly got swindled out of $50. What’s the point of claiming “victim” status?


ALWAYS call the police when something like this happens. Even though it was in a parking lot and they may not be able to do anything it may make the accuser regret it if they are scamming you.


Never admit guilt and don’t pay money. Exchange insurance information or call the police.


Well, on the surface, that sounds like good advice, but why create a mountain from a molehill?

Could the police investigate a crime on the “swindler’s” part? Would this be fraud?


ALWAYS call the police so there can be documentation in case of vehicle or physical damage to either one of you. ALWAYS good to have the police show up no matter what.


You gave him $50 to make the problem go away. You could have exchanged insurance info and let them decide, so no you are not really a victim. He might have scammed you but you decided it’s better to just pay him off. Maybe you did hit him. Maybe you did not. You are not even sure so you paid him.


You said that already. But, police don’t need to document every damage in society.

If my windowsill rots, do I need to call the police so they can document the damage?


That analogy doesn’t compare to this at all.

Frankly, I would never exchange insurance info without calling the police to come document what happened. The guy could go home and drive his car into a pole and then blame it on you. And you’d have no defense. It would be his word against yours, but then it wouldn’t look so good for you else why would he have your insurance info? Besides, the first thing the insurance agent is going to want if either of you call is a copy of the police report.

What is your point with this thread? What are you hoping to gain?


You are close. But, I am almost certain I did not hit the vehicle.

So, I paid 50 dollars for the problem to go away. I settled.

That was twenty something years ago.


Sure the analogy compares. Damage is damage.

Or do you think since the vehicle can be operated on public property it warrants additional police involvement?


If someone claims that you damaged their car and won’t exchange insurance information, you call the police. Honestly, the guy probably doesn’t have insurance.


Why get the insurance companies involved? All they will do is send pesky investigators around, who are often times up to no good.


I wouldn’t pay the $50 either. I’d tell him to get back in his crummy car.


What if he reports you and you are investigated for “leaving the scene”? Assume it was on public street.

Do you want to be investigated by a bunch of hard hearted, hard minded, black and white, hypocritical lawyers?


You never settle on the spot. Contact the insurance, Police, or both.


You skirted the question and fell into the trap.


Could you please clarify where you are going with this thread?


Caution Will Robinson!


What do you want? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’m not going to say, “Thank goodness you paid off that bum!”

You don’t settle on the spot! You Follow proper procedure!

You handled this the wrong. Don’t do that again.

Then you go to court and everything is resolved. Good Luck!

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