Am I able to become a catholic and receive communion?

Hello everyone.

A year and a half ago I was undecided for my religion, and having a girlfriend of over a year of course I would eventually have sex with her.

We aren’t together anymore and that’s okay but after a lot of experience in my life I really want to be a true catholic. But I’m worried that I won’t be able to convert to being a Catholic, and receive communion and all that. I’ve read that if you’ve committed a mortal sin then you must go to confession at the earliest chance possible to receive communion, but I also read you must be a confirmed catholic to go to confession? I’m just confused. In retrospect I feel horrible about having premarital sex, but I want to change my life for the better and I’m just worried I won’t be able to because of my past. Any help would be appreciated guys.

P.S: I have already decided to run away from premarital sex for a long time now :slight_smile: it’s definitely for marriage only.

There is no sin too big or bad to be forgiven - remember St Paul persecuted Christians, it did not prevent his becoming one. You will be baptised if you haven’t been already, and baptism washes away all your sins, or else you will be invited to confess at the appropriate time.

In the meantime remember God knows you are sorry for your sins and will not hold it against you if for no fault of your own you are at present unable to confess to a priest as Catholics do.


Thanks for posting your question.
LilyM’s answer is very clear and concise and explains this for you, but I wanted to add my response as well.

As a cradle Catholic, I received my first confession prior to first communion when I was 7. If you are converting to Catholicism, then you will probably be part of the RCIA programme. You are received into the Church at Easter, and have the sacraments of baptism, first communion and confirmation. You will then be able to attend confession (as if you are not a Catholic at present you would not be expected to confess - and baptism washes away all previous sin, therefore you would be in a state of grace to receive communion).

If, however, you were already a baptised Catholic who had received first communion, you would be encouraged to attend confession before receiving the Eucharist. This is the usual practice, as it means you are in a state of grace.

But please remember. For mortal sin to have occurred:
It must be considered as a grave matter
You must have had full knowledge this was a mortal sin when you committed it (I know it’s wrong but I am doing it anyway)

If either of these factors are not present then you have not committed a mortal sin.

For more information about preparing for confession, perhaps you could consider having a chat with your priest about the sacrament for greater understanding. You could also have a look online for an examination of conscience. I personally use the app Mea Culpa, which is brilliant, really useful and helps you to prepare thoroughly for confession.

Good Luck!

Please know of course, that nothing would bar you from the love of God. God is all knowing, all loving and forgiving. You have every right to experience the love of Christ in the Catholic Church and experience the sacraments.

Ok I am a convert. What will happen is you go through rcia classes for a few months, then just before easter, when you will be confirmed and recieve first communion, you will give your first confession. just like the little kiddies do before thier first communion.

To add to what the posters above said… if you were given a Trinitarian baptism, then the sequence is RCIA, confession, confirmation/first communion. If you were not baptized validly (i.e., using the Trinitarian formula), then baptism washes away all your sins, so you would go through baptism, confirmation, and first Communion all during the same Mass.

Call your local Parish and find out when RCIA begins. That’s a series of meetings where you learn about the Church and at the end you are reconciled (confessed) and confirmed and even baptized if you have not been. Usually it starts in September and you come in at Easter. But you can go to Mass now, just not receive communion (Eucharist).

Believe me, your sins are as nothing compared to the outrageous mercy of Jesus Christ.

Welcome to CAF.

Call right away. Like the above says RCIA usually starts in September. But you may be able to join now and be confirmed this Easter rather then waiting a year if you start right away. Maybe not it depends on the parish, I think.

You can absolutely enter the Church and receive communion. You do not have to be confirmed prior to confession, in fact you have to go to confession prior to being confirmed. The exception would be if you were never validly baptized, in which case, you would not need confession at all, your baptism would wash away all of your past sins!

I would recommend that you contact your local parish and inquire about their procedures for RCIA!

May God bless you on your journey to the Church! Welcome!

Bboy -

I don’t want to repeat a lot of really good info for you by the other posters.

But I do want to say to you:
Welcome! ** We’re all sinners and we are all looking for salvation. You’ve come to the right place! :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about your past (you’ll have an opportunity to confess your previous sins) just know that God loves you for the step you are making.

I wish you all the best on your journey and I will pray for you!

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