Am I allowed to HATE Satan?

Far too much life history and very bizarre spiritual experiences to post here, but question:

I said a prayer to God at about age 38 when I was finally freed of psychological constraints to have a child (in therapy): Please God do not let me go through this life without a child to raise.

Despite all reality (biological), I did conceive and, despite all reality (pre-eclampsia and close to death in ninth month) my daughter was born (because of the specialist whom I had chosen to consult). However, there was an enormous problem and I was aware of it even during pregnancy.

I lost my daughter to mental illness, severe and getting worse daily, at her age 23 (as I was warned by the Blessed Mother when I saw her during an NDE at age five when I was dying from double pneumonia). I do not blame her: she was a victim soul. I do not blame myself (praise God, it took almost 2-1/2 years to get here, I was her mother 24/7 from the moment I knew I was pregnant and literally gave up my life for her). But I do BLAME SATAN who brought this horror upon me in response (it appears) to the blessing of God. AND I HAVE BEGUN TO REALLY HATE SATAN. Is this sinful?

I am very sorry for the problems you have faced. I won’t begin to preach to you about God’s will or sin – it’s not appropriate. And as for hatred, you have every right to be upset at your situation. But I would like you to watch this video by Father Robert Barron about how Christians should regard the devil. Maybe it will give you some peace.

I pray that you find some peace in your heart through the love of God. :signofcross:

I would just say that hate is not healthy it corrodes our soul from the inside out even if someone hurts you, yes there is pain involved but to allow hate to enter your heart will not do you any good.
Ask God to help you in taking this burden off of you.

Peace :thumbsup:

My friend asked this question years ago in the Ask an Apologist section. Yes, you may hate Satan. Charity is willing that a person be in Communion with God. Satan will NEVER be in Communion with God, thus charity towards him is not only unnecessary but useless. Satan stalks our human family, our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children, our friends. He wants to smash every beloved image of God he can. He is evil beyond our comprehension, and eternally unrepentently so. He will be damned. He should be damned. Damn Satan. Damn him to hell.

THANK YOU! I watched the video, Satan wants me to hate him. I am reminded of my friend, Deacon Arney, who said “Laugh at him and tell him to go to hell”. Huge awakening here, God bless you.

:thumbsup: So be it.

I’m glad I could be of help! :hug3:

Yes, hate him…no issues here.

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