Am I allowed to pray for wisdom?

Not talking about intelligence or anything but to better understand people I care for at work who are non verbal and don’t have the capacity to communicate so they become frustrated that they cannot tell you what they want or what is wrong.

Would it need a pinch of humility so pride doesn’t creep in?


Pray for both, the wisdom to do God’s will, and the humility to recognize it as His will and not ours.

This is not only allowed, it is encouraged ^^ We could all do with more God-based wisdom.


Personally I’d pray for the graces necessary to help you fulfill your role as a servant of God. I believe of course that what graces you need are known.
I sincerely hope you are blessed and become more effective in your work and can care even more for your charges.

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Pray for all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and let God decide which one’s to bless you with.



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