Am I baptized?


Am I baptized? I am not Catholic, yet would like to convert. Many years ago my ex-wife(also not Catholic – raised a Baptist) and I attended a Pentecostal church (laying on of hands, speaking in tongues, etc.) for a month or so. During one service the pastor had us up front and was speaking in tongues to us, etc – and then asked us if we were ready to accept Jesus into our lives, to which we both replied in the positive. A few minutes later they had us dressed in white robes standing in a tub of water – we were dunked and prayed over, to many hallelujahs. It was only later that we looked at each other and said: “I think they baptized us”? So, am I in the eyes of the church? Also, will our marriage ever be allowed to be annulled so that I could remarry?
Thank you in advance.


Hi Joe,

I suspect that you are baptized, but since you don’t remember what the minister actually said, I would suggest that you be conditionally baptized when you enter the Catholic Church. As for the possibility of your marriage being annulled, I would need more information than you have given. I suggest that you contact a Catholic parish near you and speak to a priest about it. You are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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