Am I being a hypocrite?


If I speak out against impure and immodest clothing and say they should be avoided, yet for wrestling I wear a singlet, which is showy I guess, am I being a hypocrite?


Wrestling uniforms are not immodest attire.


Honestly? In my personal opinion that in no way reflects any official statement but just generally infers and draws from general expectation as to what constitutes religious “modesty”?

Yes. Yes it would be.

I don’t doubt that it is practical in some regards, but at the same time it is just as practical for a workman in the blazing sun to take his shirt off but that would be deemed immoral (moreso if they happened to be fairly attractive, the occasion of sin and all that).

To me a wrestling singlet is much the same, and I’ve heard the latter scenario condemned as immodest a few times even if I don’t consider either immodest.


So what am I suppose to do?


Well, personally I’d say go on and wear it if that’s what people wrestle wearing. No point wearing something blatantly impractical or that’s going to cause you some discomfort (might even be regulations saying what you can wear while wrestling, I don’t know).

Just go a bit easier on people who wear vests, lycra shorts and whatnot from now on :slight_smile: What’s modest is a difficult thing to pin down anyway, in Europe immodesty seems to usually refer to a lot of cleavage and butt on display, but over in Iran that seems to translate as “anything above the ankles”.

I’ve heard Mormon women wail about people wearing skirts that were knee length like they were the garb of prostitutes. It’s really…In the eye of the beholder and kinda easy to take too far.


If you wear the wrestling uniform in part or in total to be “showy” then yes you are being a hypocrite. A large factor on what is modest or immodest is the intent of the wearer. The topless female posters in I think Russia- immodest, topless tribal women in Africa, S. America, etc- not immodest.


No, I don’t wear the singlet to be “showy”, that is what I want to avoid, my biggest concern is possibly putting women (and possibly men) in an occasion to sin (scandal, lust), I wear the singlet because all the other wrestlers in an average regular tournament wear them too, so I guess another reason is so that I’m “in uniform” with everyone else.



Near occasion to sin-
-the uniform isn’t designed to be “showy,” its designed to be functional
-the uniform style has been in use for wrestling long enough to develop a social norm that accepts it as functional instead of “showy.” The “showy” aspect to it has become an accepted type of joke (see various sitcoms in which the wrestling uniform is used as the butt of a joke, funny scene based on a character being embarrassed wearing it).
-the “showy” aspect of the sport itself has long been left in the dustbin of history (the sport as practiced by the Greeks and I believe the Romans did have an emphasis on the form of the body)
-as far as I know there is no social norm in which wrestling matches are a primary place to “check out the guys”

I’d say that between you not wanting to be “showy” and my above list of factors that decrease the near occasion to sin for people who don’t plan on sinning by “checking out” the wrestlers you should be good. The best person to answer your concerns though would be your priest.


Thank you so much for the help:)


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