Am I Being Called to Priesthood?


I have very little desire for ever getting married. Specifically, I would never want to have to commit sodomy, which I find disgusting, and I would never ever do it. However, apparently sodomy is commonplace these days, and most likely I would never be able to find a wife who doesn’t want to commit sodomy. As a matter of fact, I would only have sex for procreation, because I find the idea of sex for pleasure disgusting. I have the desire to become a father, but I find sodomy disgusting. What should I do?

Am I being called to be a Priest? Can a Priest also be a musician? Do you have to have a good memory to be a Priest? I am not afraid of speaking in front of crowds.

If I am not going to be a Priest, I would be a Plumber, or Police Officer, and a Musician as a hobby. As I am 17, turning 18 in September, what should I do?


I think you can find someone who isn’t into sodomy, and I don’t know for certain where you get the idea everyone likes it.

If you think you are called to the priesthood, you need to talk to a priest and get some spiritual direction.


None of us can tell you if you are called to be a priest. You need to look inward to see why you think you are called. That being said, it is a calling and not something you should pursue simply because you dislike the alternatives. I don’t think you would make it through discernment if the only reason is you find sex distasteful. The priesthood is not a place to hide from the world.

You are also likely overstating the prevalence of sodomy. Not every marriage includes nonvaginal intercourse. The bigger detriment would likely be the underlying attitude that intercourse is disgusting. That would likely cause friction with most potential spouses. Noone likes intimacy to be a function of duty.

Next steps? Pray. It’s always possible you are called to neither marriage or the priesthood. In either case discernment always starts with prayer.


You are going to learn so much during your RCIA process, and your Baptism.
Time will tell what God is calling you to. For now, He is simply calling. Be patient. He has a plan.
God Bless you.




SuperLuigi has given some good advice. Make sure that the priest that you speak with is following the Magisterium of the Church.:thumbsup:


Good luck with your discernment and try not to worry or get ahead too quickly.

With respect, I think you are a little bit mixed-up about intimacy between husbands and wives and what ‘most people’ do as part of a normal, loving relationship. And I can assure you that if you met a young lady and fell in love, you would almost certainly change your views. :slight_smile:


I am not specifically disgusted by sex, but rather, sodomy. The fact that doctors pressure everyone into getting the HPV vaccine (which I don’t plan to ever get) is sort of a sign, in my opinion, that sodomy is rampant. I am very sure nothing can change my mind on sodomy. Would it be a sin to say no to sodomy?

I am not sure if I should be a Priest, as I have trouble reading, and I would most likely keep pausing while reading. :o

My only skills (I know so far) seem to be music, and being headstrong. Unless I was a musical salesman, I don’t know what I would do. I don’t think I am that smart. Perhaps I should be a plumber? :shrug:


Plenty of time for discernment.
And please…stop fretting over sodomy that’s never going to happen.

Have a little faith that God has a wonderful plan for you. Right now your focus should be in believing in yourself and working hard at school. Pray for a good spirit, a healthy attitude about everything, and to be a good son.
RCIA is coming up. Lots of excitement in your life. Be patient. All will be well.
Love God. Can’t go wrong there. And anyway, the church needs fine musicians too.


The HPV vaccine is a vaccine against the Human Papilloma Virus, which has been shown to be a cause of cervical cancer in women. That’s why the doctors are promoting it.


Quite right. You may not be aware though, that Doctors in the US are aligning the vaccine with sexual activity. A close friend took her 18 year old for a routine gynecological exam, and the Doctor surmised that since the daughter was going off to college soon…she’ll *likely * (oh brother :rolleyes: ) become sexually active and this was the reason she needed the vaccine. Of course my friend thought this was nonsense, and the daughter was insulted. It’s easy to see why some American youngsters are a bit confused about sexual disease and various intimate things.


It’s the same in the UK, which is why it’s given to girls when they are young, before they become sexually active - in their early teens. It is true that HPV is a sexually-transmitted infection. Of course, if a young woman has no intention being sexually active, she won’t be at risk of HPV.

To be fair, the advice the doctor gave your friend’s daughter was correct advice, except for the fact that he assumed she was going to have sex!


Yes, that is what put them off.


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