Am I Being Called to the Priesthood?


Hello all,

I was wondering if you all could give me some advice. I feel like God could be calling me to be a priest. I just have this urge to always be with Him in prayer, so much so that I stopped going to parties and stay home kneeling in prayer before a prayer shrine I have built in my room. I would rather be in benediction (eucharistic adoration) than out at the mall with my friends.

I just have so many mixed feelings about what God is truly doing in my life and what His will is for me.

So if you all have any advice on discernment or just prayers to help me to see His will, it will all be an immense blessing,

Pax Christi vobiscum!


Be natural!
Just keep on loving God and your neighbour
And go to a discernment retreat, and leave it
Into his hands :slight_smile:


I will pray for God to help you discern His will for you.


I recommend that you get the book To Save A Thousand Souls by Fr. Brett Brennan. It’s 100% free from I’m discerning my vocation too, and after reading this book, I thought it is a book I’d recommend to people going through the same experience as me.




You certainly are not called to be of the world. There are many vocations you could be called to within the Holy Church. It’s awesome you have made a shrine in your room. God bless your path and make your way clear.


Thank you all so much for your suggestions. I do have a copy of this book. I read it once when I wasn’t that sure about my vocation and then just put it aside. I will definitely have to dig out the copy of that book that I have and study it again.

But other than that, I will just continue to pray, pray, pray!


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