Am I being judged?

I am not Catholic but my girlfriend is. After a recent death in her family there was a lot of discussion of us getting married. Several people in her family told me that since I’m not of their faith they did not want us to even consider marriage. In my years of growing up Christian I was taught not to judge, that only GOD can do that, but they seemed very adamant. I’m a little confused on how this judging thing works. Thanks for the help! Barry

Many people in our modern culture believe that any form of judging another person is always wrong. If a person judges another’s behavior to be immoral or his decision to be unwise the person is judged to be “judgmental”, “intolerant”, and even “un-Christian”. Such an attitude is foreign to authentic Christianity.

Christians are called to judge certain things. What we do *not *judge is the eternal state of another’s soul. For more details I recommend this article:

Judge Not?

In your case, it seems that your girlfriend’s family recognizes the difficulties that mixed-faith married couples often face and they have “judged” your and your girlfriend’s consideration of such a marriage to be unwise. I recommend that you consider their input when making your final decision. While marriage may be possible, it might be better for each of you to find other spouses who share your respective faiths.

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