Am I being oversensitive?

****A friend posted a Facebook status that really bugged me. I didn’t respond (who wants to fight on FB? Especially with a friend?) but it definitely made me consider muting my friend’s posts for the foreseeable future. What do you all think of this?

“I tried to think of the scariest possible costume this year… so I have decided to go as an Evangelical Fox news preacher. I am going to have a big Golden Cross, my hair slicked back, a bible with the pages cut out filled with money, A fox news pin, and have tea bags hanging from the bible. Then im gonna do my best to imitate Glen Beck…”

I guess this really bugs me because this friend was in RCIA two years ago. I was helping out with the class. She stopped going and just got super, super anti faith and ueber liberal about social topics (abortion, gay marriage, etc.) seemingly overnight.

I’m also really confused about the Glenn Beck comment because she’s a former Mormon, and I would think she’d know that Glenn Beck is a Mormon…

So, what are your thoughts? ****

Maybe you can send her a private message and tell her that you found her post offensive. Other than that there is not much you can do. Or maybe put alot of question marks in the comment section.

i would probable mute her though.

Good luck.

I hate to say it, but your friend (as we say in Alabama), is as dumb as a sack of hammers.

You need to find a higher class of friends. Friends who can think past the liberal national media.

Time to find a new friend.

I have also came across this problem with one of my facebook friends, I have less than 60 friends. She has to know that not all of her friends on facefbook are liberal and that some of her posts will offend or fustrate others. Witch begs the question of me, do I comment on her post, post my own conservative comment or take the high road and not be pulled into it. Unless I find her posts morally offensive or morally misleading, I will take the high road. But I will keep my eye on her posts. :slight_smile:

In general, it is easy to be offended by the opinions of others. It’s one of the risks of living in a free society. You certainly have the right to be offended and tell her so. She also has the right to her thoughts and opinions.

AFA the Mormon thing. I am a former Mormon. It’s not uncommon for former Mormons to still have a bad taste in their mouth about their experiences and what the LDS church came to represent to them.

It took me awhile to get past the baggage that came having been LDS. There are some very legit reasons to be angry at the LDS leadership and the spiritual mind-twist you go thru as a Mormon. Not condoning your friend’s comments, but completely, FULLY, understand why she is where she is at when it comes to her position as a former Mormon.

My only truly-ment-to-be-charitable advise to you with that part. Walking the LDS path, realizing how misled and lied to you have been does something to one at the deepest core. Pray for her. It can take YEARS to recover from Mormonism. I know it did me.

Pray for her. And be charitable to her, even though you dont condone.

God Bless.

I think your being oversensitive. If the friendship matters to you, get over this. I have friends who are atheist/agnostic and have said things that are less then sensitive towards Christians. Who cares though? There my friends for a reason. Who cares?

I think you’re being oversensitive, yeah. It’s clear that your friend isn’t all that bright, but I don’t see anything that’s specifically aimed at Catholicism so… Anyway, cutting your friend off will just offend them. You need to be a gentle voice of reason for them, even if you never say a word to them directly. Try to post spiritually uplifting things on your Facebook way and pray that they’ll reach your friend.

If you have to ask if you are being oversensitive, chances are you already know the answer to that question. Yes :slight_smile:

Think of it this way: she’s going dressed up as someone who is clearly not representing the faith, not mocking someone with good intentions. It’s not as if she’s going dressed up as a dirty nun, she’s going dressed as someone who would cut out pages from their Bible and fill it with money. Obviously not someone of the faith.

We dress up as ghouls and goblins for Halloween without batting an eye: why would a corrupt evangelist be out of the question?

Will pray for your friend though. Costume issues aside, she sounds like she needs it :slight_smile:

I blame it on her living in CA. Our husband’s are friends and she’s really nice in person and is very sweet. If you were cold, she’d give you the shirt off her back. She’s just looney when it comes to politics.

Thanks. I knew I was being a little touchy about it. I’m glad I followed my better instincts and just ignored that post!

Though I would file it away in the back of my mind if these kinds of posts and conversations with her continue in this manner. I would also avoid talking about politics with her, or religion.

I think facebook is like email - you might say something that you normally wouldn’t say face to face. At least w/ email it’s easier to select certain people to receive one’s politic messages, whereas with facebook it goes to everyone.

I don’t think you should get rid of friends because you don’t always agree with their politics.

I only ever muted 1 person (so far) on facebook and he was my sister’s brother-in-law and all he did was use profanity and talk about his latest female conquest.

If your FB friend was talking about dressing up as Jesus or the pope, I think it would be a different story. I wouldn’t necessarily disown her because she has a negative opinion of Fox news anchors.

I definitely think it does more harm than good to allow yourself to be sucked into a heated back-and-forth over such a thing.

What’s funny is that Glenn Beck wouldn’t even mind being parodied… however nothing she described sounds like it resembles Glenn Beck, nor does it make any sense. :shrug:

That’s a GOOD Christian! Abandon and hate those who disagree with you! ;D
Love everyone, even if their actions might be wrong?
Oh no, no, no… Your religion doesn’t teach that.

… Really, though, sarcasm aside… I’m growing extremely tired of this view that we should cut off all contact with anyone who does not share our faith. That’s bull. That’s atrocious, and it’s not what God would want.

Shame on you.

The more people who tell idiots when they are being idiots, the less idiots there will be (maybe). Just make sure that if you say something you

  1. have a strong, consistent, good argument
  2. you don’t bail on it, you stick to your guns.

You don’t have to be a “loony liberal” to find FOX news and most of the people on it totally unscrupulous and manipulative. The United States is full of politicians, pundits and television personalities who love to brand themselves as religious or God-fearing, but who are just offering lip service in order to snag over-credulous Christians. It is clear to me in watching many of these people (Glenn Beck among them) that they are masters of rhetoric but rather light in substance. I don’t want to hear Beck make an appeal to the Lord, only to turn around and feed his audience a fat diet of lies about pretty much everything. As another poster pointed out, it seems that this friend on Facebook is not poking fun at Christians, but rather at the twisted caricature of “Christian values” that is currently sweeping through the country. And to those of you who called her “dumber than a sack of hammers” or something similar, if you think about it a bit more, you might realize that she’s on to something.

I tend to agree with the other poster’s advice. I personally would be oofended, but I would not cut off the friendship. I WOULD make it clear to your friend that you found it offensive, though. And ask her to be more sensitive in the future. And pray for her. But no, don’t cut off the friendship. :thumbsup:

is your facebook page and you are the one that is in charge of what is shown on it, i always delete any comments i don’t like from my friends and if they ask me why did i do that, i do what Jesus would do…tell the truth, but remember sometimes the truth hurts people.

as for glenn beck hes a former Catholic that turned mormon and thinks martin luther is a great guy, i wished his Italian wife could talk so sense into him but who know if shes still a Catholic herself?
i think someone out there should send a copy of the book “where we got the Bible” to glenn so he can get a clue.

jus in case :slight_smile:


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