Am I being possessed by a demon and if I am what do I do about it if my parents don't believe in them?

I think I am being possessed. I know it might sound crazy but it’s the truth. I have had really bad mood swings, like one minute I’m raging at my family, grabbing their shirts and saying “Get out!” the next minute I’m in my room crying my eyes out. I feel intense anger, resentment and sadness for no apparant reason. I think it started when I was riding my bike in my neighborhood. I was with my brother and we were just about to pass a lake, but I realized that I mentally could not go farther. This overwhelming sadness washed over me and I sped home. The time before that I felt anger and again I was with my brother on a bike. I’ve told my friend about all of this and she said it’s all in my head. (She is Roman Catholic) However I am still scared that I might actually hurt someone. I have had depression but I am taking medicine for it and a relapse is highly unlikely. I go to counseling and last time I went, there were no problems so I didn’t talk about it. I’m scared that I am going nuts.

Dear friend,

You are not nuts and you are not possessed. It does sound psychological. You need to tell your therapist. You have nothing to fear. Always feel free to contact me privately by clicking on my name. Or you may call Catholic Answers and ask for me 619 387 7200. You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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