am I being scrupulous

Recently I have been worried about committing detraction I feel as if everthing i say could be detraction I was talking to a family Member about a christmas party for the religious ed class i teach and i said I wouldn’t eat the food becuase of the communion fast the class being only 90 mins before mass and I said I don’t know if most people follow the fast or I said I don’t think most people do… was that detraction or am i worrying to much

If you think you are sinning all the time, it does sound like scrupulosity. You need to talk to your priest.

Frankly, I can’t see any detraction with how you wrote the post.

Everyone needs to fast one hour (that is exactly 60 minutes) before taking Communion, but there are medical exemptions.

Yes, you are worrying too much. Make a habit of thinking before you speak so you can censor yourself in advance.

Detraction would involve damaging a person’s reputation. You were speaking your opinion in general. If you said so and so does not fast- then it is detraction.

It is commendable that you would not only respect the Eucharistic Fast (which used to be 3 hours long), but even remind others of this.

It was probably unnecessary to state that you don’t know if most people do this (it may reflect you are used to believe you know a lot, rather than humbly reminding yourself that our ignorance and blindness is very great), and it does reflect a bit of pride to say you don’t think most people do (because it means you are placing yourself above them, or you are placing them below yourself - instead, the Imitation of Christ reminds us: “*It is no harm to thee if thou place thyself below all others; but it is great harm if thou place thyself above even one. *” ).

Of course, both things are indeed venial. However, I do not consider you to be scrupulous, inasmuch as scruples are a condition that affect our spiritual health by distressing us on unnecessary things, while you are simply trying to follow the Lord who said: “be perfect”. And we are very far from that perfection. So keep meditating on your imperfections in such an excellent way, and trying to repair them by substituting them with virtues.

Only do not let these things disturb you, cause anxiety, or take away your peace - this would not be pleasing to the Lord, who desires you to have peace amidst tribulation.

It is a 1 hour fast before receiving Communion, and not a fast before the start of the Mass.

I am examining my conscience so as to avoid what I think brought on the worry this week about detraction. Last week I didn’t confess detraction because I forgot So when I remembered an indecent Sunday and then another Monday it has kinda scared me this week. I also remembered another incident today. But let me ask if someone ask you if someone had a job and you say " they did but the same thing happened to them that happened to me the job didn’t have enough hours and the person no longer works their (layoff)" is that detraction. Please assist me I will confess it as detraction if it is so but I am a little worrried that I would have left off 4 incedents of detration from my last confession. Thanks
Ps I usually write my sins down after I realize them but for some reason I didnt I think it was becuase I didn’t consider those occasions detraction at the time but looking back I realize they were

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