Am I being Scrupulous?



Today in the morning I downloaded a GIF keyboard app and it required my consent because it was apt only for those who are 17 and above do to possible content in nsfw gifs. Out of curiosity I started searching such GIFs but whe searching for them I covered the screen with my hand (to not see much, only faces) I did see one of an explicit behind. My intent was to confirm the app had such content, not to see it later but only out of curiosity. Before searching them I actually thought, “By searching them you are exposing yourself to temptation, and you know that is sinful itself, thus you would commit a mortal sin.” Besides this I did not commit any other sin. If I told myself it would be a mortal sin, is it really that? Do I derermine my own mortal sin by commiting myself beforehand in the manner that I did?


Scrupulosity and guidance on spiritual matters is best discussed with your priest, not random strangers on the internet.


You tried to not see the bad images, you were seeing if this was something you could view in good conscience. You discovered it wasn’t (naked images) then I presume you left the site then and there. These instances can certainly be grey areas and can be occasions of sin that could lead to mortal sin. I would simply bring it to your next confession, tell the priest what you told us then be done.

I would certainly avoid these types of websites in the future. Very few of them would actually be acceptable for a Catholic, and it is placing yourself in the occasion of sin to attempt to sort through them all. Just better to avoid these websites all together.


Thanks for your helpful reply. This is what I needed help with in discerning because I do not want to skip communion in the next mass I attend.

God bless,


Yes. Scrupulous. Speaking with a priest could help.


So your reception of the Eucharist is based on a random stranger on the internet and not your confessor or your conscience? Why give that responsibility to a stranger. I would not want it for if one opinion is wrong then you make an accomplice out of a stranger. You and a confessor/ spiritual guide should be the only ones you ask.


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