Am I being scrupulous?


Nearly every time I go to confession I worry that something may have made my confession invalid. For example, the last time I went to confession the priest stopped me after only a couple of minutes and gave me my penance and absolution. I was worried that even though I confessed my most grave sins, my confession was still invalid because I didn’t confess everything. Other times I may worry that I did not go into specific details with grave sins but generalized them. Or I might forget a sin in the confessional and remember it after confession.

Am I being scrupulous?


I am not a spiritual director, confessor, or psychologist, so I cannot give you a definitive diagnosis; but I can say that you may want to consult with one who is experienced in dealing with scrupulosity. I recommend asking your confessor for a referral to someone whose orthodoxy and spiritual balance he trusts.

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