Am I being spied on? Please read and advise


I will try to make this as short as possible. Please do not delete this thread, I am desperate for help.

A man who use to have the keys to my home found out something I said about him over the phone while whispering. I found out he is a convicted pedophile. He once clearly stated to me and my sister that he has recording devices in his own home (so he has admitted to having possession of these devices). Some weeks later after this I was writing an email to the local police station about him being left alone with neighbours kids who didn’t know about his conviction. As I got half way through the email the phone started acting completely spasticated and the email deleted itself and there was nothing of it in the drafts or deleted folder. I had to try 3 times until I finally managed to send it. 2 days after the email he started bombarding me and my sister with texts and calls furiously pursuing the report, asking who made it.


This isn’t something that we can really help with. If his behavior is worrying, that’s something for law enforcement to deal with.


Change your locks and be sure your home is secure. Change your ph. no. Have a security Co. scan your home. Do not send information to the police unless you are certain of the facts. Do not gossip. Generally speaking mind your own business,


The difficult part though is that he harassed me last time I reported him for something. He will likely do it again. Someone suggested I should move home. He has a vicious streak.


Move, as soon as you can. Even if you have to sleep on a friend’s floor.

Go to the police in person. Tell them everything he’s doing - spying, harassing etc.

I hope it gets sorted ASAP.


Speak to the police.


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