Am I being to obsessive?

I tend to obsess over imperfections on my face. Whether it’s a freckle on my ear that looks like an ear piercing or dark circles under my eyes, I feel these obsessions are preventing me from living my life since I’m spending too much time looking at them in the mirror or looking up ways to get rid of them. And now on top of that, I’ve been worrying that I’m committing mortal sin. Am I?

44 views and no replies? :frowning:

There are a number of posts on CAF that will give you the conditions required for something to be mortal sin. If you suffer from scruples, you should discuss this with your priest, not with strangers on the internet.

Mortal sin? I don’t know. You should talk to a priest.
This certainly seems related to pride and vanity. Is it getting in the way of your prayer life? Your duties as a Christian and your vocation? Is your appearance an idol, more important to you than your relationship with God, a violation of the First Commandment?

Obsessive, definitely, as you say it is getting in the way of your life. You should also talk with a counselor.

Don’t worry, you are not committing a mortal sin. :slight_smile:

based on your previous posts, i will suggest that you get spiritual direction and counseling for compulsive and scrupulous tendencies.

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