Am I being too logical?

I just signed up to this forum because I have a few questions. I grew up Catholic and went to Catholic school as well as Mass every week. I was even an altar boy. About 3 years ago I started questioning my faith and this slowly turned into disbelief as I read the Bible. My main question needs to be prefaced: Most Catholics I know believe strongly in God, but also strongly in evolution and also openly admit they think the story of Adam and Eve is just a story and nothing more. Jesus, however supposedly gave his life for us to negate the sins of Adam and Eve, but if it’s just a story, what did Jesus really die for? I asked my mother this and she didn’t have an answer for me…this is someone that readd the Bible cover to cover more than a few times…any thoughts?


You are logical. (I don’t know if one can be too logical.) But your premise is faulty. Evolution isn’t something one believes in. It’s not a matter of faith. For many people it is a matter of theoretical speculation and the Church allows it. However, the Church also teaches that Adam and Eve are our first parents; a dogma of faith that Catholics are obliged to accept. Some speculate that certain animals evolved to a certain point at which God created a rational soul for one of them and thus: Adam. How this could actually happen, remains a mystery.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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