Am I being vain?


I’m currently discerning being a sister. And theres a thought that often comes into my mind when I think about being a sister. This is embarassing but here it goes…
I’m Italian with dark hair and I always remove the hair from my upper lip because otherwise I would get a mustache. Is it wrong for me to want to continue doing this even when and if I become a sister?



If you can afford it you could have laser treatments that will permanently remove upper lip hair before becoming a sister. After becoming a sister–I would think that would be up to your superior to decide. If it’d be a distraction from your ministry it might be allowed. But if you can take care of it before entering an order, if it’s that important to you, you can certainly do that. In the end, though, it really doesn’t matter. No one should judge another by such natural things. It’s not so good living in a society that puts so much emphasis on physical appearance and makes jokes about such things. I have the same problem, so I understand your feelings. Pray about it and see what happens–if it becomes less of an issue or not. :slight_smile:


I don’t think so, buy some orders might object. Better find out before entering.



There would be nothing wrong with it as far as I could tell. However, have you ever been to an endocrinologist? Excessive hair growth on the face, especially women, can be a sign of serious hormonal imbalances and sometimes issues involving ovaries. Get this looked into.


I think vanity might best be defined as an excessive care, for example, about our physical appearance.

I don’t think it would be vain if you still want to do this, but it’s an interesting question. Religious sisters in various communities might be the best neighbors to ask about this. It would be kind of cool if we had such a group at CAF, but I don’t think we do.

God Bless You, sis!


Thanks for the responses. I thought that it was prohibited for a nun to tend to her looks period. As in no mirrors, posessions such as tweezers etc. Perhaps this is a thing of the past? I hope so because I think that some attention to appearance is normal and healthy.


I think it depends on what order you are considering.
Also, you said sister which is different from a nun. A nun is a woman who lives in a cloistered convent. A Sister goes out in the world.

I discerned with an order of Sisters who’s habit dress only just went past the knees so they all had to shave their legs. You have to look clean/hygienic at least! :slight_smile:

Ask the order. You could just say “how do the Sisters go about personal grooming? Is hair removal permitted?” - it’s not so embarrassing if you ask it like that.

I wish you the best with your vocation!

  • Rose.


Thank you Rose:)


No, it is not vain. Proper grooming is not a sin.:shrug:


I don’t think you being vain at all, your concerned about your image ,
We all like to feel good about our own image, laser treatment seems the way to go,


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