am i bragging?

so i’m an athlete and after sports tournaments i usually post how we do. actually, i post results during the tournaments as well, as in how many games we’ve won/lost and the scores. i also tag my teammates in them. it’s just the easiest way since everyone always asks for updates. anyways, today my dad told me i was showing off by doing that. i never thought of it like that before since i’m posting everything and not just when we win or do well, i post when we lose too… do you guys think that constitutes bragging? also, i have a lot of friends who also put their grades on fb from school. i don’t but would that be showing off as well?

You are posting wins and loses as well as everyone’s name in the picture so I don’t think so. If you only posted your wins and your face and how great you are then that would be bragging.

First and foremost, we must honour our parents.

I think that you have a great opportunity to sit down with your Dad and ask for his advice and help writing these updates.

Although to me, from what little you’ve given, this doesn’t sound like you are doing this purely for your own prideful pursuit of attention… especially if you are listing the losses along with the wins in direct answers to questions asked or anticipated. So IMHO, this doesn’t rise to the level of boasting.

However, I would look at it along these lines… if you open a sports section, look for a baseball, hockey, or other listing where you get the shots on goal (hockey fan :slight_smile: ) who the tender was and a short play-by-play… how does your posting compare?

Also, IMHO, if you or someone on your team does something like break a worlds record or a school record, it isn’t necessarily prideful to make note of this accomplishment. God gave each of us time, talent, and treasure to be shared with our fellow mankind… I’ll never be a great goaltender; however, I do like to see them play. I’ll never be a great sax player; however, I love to hear them play… as they share their time and talent with us. Even so, some ways of sharing their talent are much better than others.

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