Am I called to be a nun?


I’m currently in medical school, and I decided I should at least be open to the possibility of becoming a nun. I know for sure that being a doctor is what God wants me to do. So…is there an order of nuns that would work with this career?

I don’t even know where to start looking. Help appreciated!


I can’t help you with any practical advice, but I am so happy for you with these possibilities before you. A medical and religious vocation would be a marvellous thing.


Well if you are meant to be a Nun God will show what to do in his own good time. If you have that in mind you need to be attending Mass as often as possible, Confession at least once a month- weekly if possible! Devotion to Our Lady is most important & also Eucharistic Adoration.

I am in the process of becoming a Monk so like you I have been through times of thinking “Oh am I supposed to do this? Should I do this…?” I know what you are going through! I think that you need to really think about what is more important to you being a doctor (which is a very special and great vocation) or trying your vocation as a Nun. There are many different Orders in our Church- many with medical backgrounds just as an example the Missionary Sisters of Charity founded by Mother Teresa. However, if your intention is to become a Nun it cannot be in order to be a Nun who is a doctor. It may be possible for you to do both and as you have that gift am sure you would be able to use it- however thinking “Oh yes I will be a Nun if I can be a doctor Nun” is not the right train of thought. If you enter the Convent it is to be a Nun first above all, even if you find an Order of Medical Sisters after completing your studies and making vows the Sister Superior might decided “Oh yes Sister…although a lover of medicine you are also a great cook, therefore, I will give you the job of Convent cook”–(eg. ) and as a Religious sister you would have to obey! My friend who is a Nun was in exactly the same position as you and joined the female branch of the Trinitarian order- the one I am joining (however in the male branch) and before her final vows was told that she couldn’t be a nurse and that she would teach in a school owned by the Order- and she was bound by her vow of obedience.

Therefore, pray about it, think about it and when you are sure which path you wish to follow more and what your heart desires most then God will show you the true path- which could be either, however becoming a Nun is to serve God first and others second- in the religious life that is most important. You enter the Convent to be a Nun not a Doctor. There is a very good film which would be perfect for you (you may have already seen it) it’s about a Nun in exactly the same situation as you! The film is called “The Nun’s Story” starring Audrey Hepburn- I think you can watch it on Youtube. I hope that is a fair answer and I promise you my prayers for you and ask if you would pray for me to. Although in the film she decides to be a Doctor over being a Nun but still haha it might give you some idea- it’s a good film!

God bless you!!!


Thank you so much for the advice!! I hadn’t thought about it that way - that if I chose to be a nun, I’d be a nun first and foremost. I honestly don’t think I’d be here (in school) without God’s blessing - being a doctor is what I’ve always felt called to do ever since I was young, and I don’t think I’d have the gifts and talent to do it without God’s help. I feel very strongly that the way God wants me to help people is through medicine. I have very little doubt about that.

I’ll check out that film!

God bless you, also, in your endeavors!


Yeah please do and let us know how you like the film and if it is of any use- I think it would be perfect for you! Take care and God bless you!


Are you familiar with the Medical Mission Sisters? They were founded by an Austrian doctor (Mother Anna Dengel), and are active around the world. Many of their sisters are doctors. There are also many Maryknoll sisters who are doctors–there was a book about one of them, called “Her Name is Mercy.”

A number of years ago (I think in the 1990s), the Catholic Health Association published a book and produced a documentary called “A Call to Care,” which focused on sisters in a number of communities in the area of health care. Several of those featured were doctors.

In other words, you don’t need to go back to “The Nun’s Story” (she was a nurse, and left religious life in the end) to find role models. There are a lot of them in a range of religious communities today. Good luck in your discernment!

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