Am I called to be a priest?


Hey Guys!
I am a practicing Catholic in a Catholic highschool, and I have been considering my vocation for a long time. I love God, and I would love a life serving him. I understand the struggles of the priesthood, but it is the only vocation in life that seems right for me. I don’t want to do anything else! The real question is, does God want me to be a priest? I need prayers for my vocation please! Also, there was a week when I knew the holy spirit was speaking to me. Two or three people randomly asked me if I wanted to be a priest (i.e, a kid at school a priest after confession). I felt in my heart that the holy spirit was speaking to me, but I dont know if it is a “be a priest” or a “no”. I really want to enter a seminary once I graduate high school, but I dont know if this is my calling. Please pray for me, and advice is always appreciated.
Thank you so much!


Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance, direction, strength, fortitude & wisdom in your discernment.


Yes, you are the youth that are the stronghold of the Church…

Be a stronghold for Christs Church and Continue the movement…

Yes Become a Priest

God Bless you.




If I were you, I’d set up an appointment with the priest at your high school, asking you to help in discerning the priesthood. God bless.


First, I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you for seriously discerning if God is calling you to the priesthood.

It sounds as if you have put a lot of serious thought into it, so I would recommend you at least make an appointment to speak with your parish priest, if not the vocation director in your diocese.

I really want to enter a seminary once I graduate high school, but I dont know if this is my calling. Please pray for me, and advice is always appreciated.
Thank you so much!

You don’t have to be 100% sure about your calling before you enter the seminary. Many men aren’t. A big part of the formation process once you enter the seminary is further discernment to help you know for sure that you are being called to be a priest.

Good luck, God bless, and my prayers are with you.


Your diocese should have a vocations office. Contact them.

Are you in a Catholic High School? The vocation office should already have some type of contact with the school.


May you be guided to the correct decision for you. Praying.


For my entire life, I considered the priesthood, until two months ago, I was given a very clear message from the Spirit. I consider it every male Catholic’s duty to be open to the priesthood. What helped me was talking to multiple priests and especially to the vocations director. In the meantime, try serving in the Mass as much as you can (Altar Server, Lector, etc). Also pray to Mary and the Holy Spirit, both are great guides and will not lead you astray.


Maybe you could answer a question to another thread done early today. Since you feel called to the priesthood. Are you hoping that in the future the church changes her stand on celibacy? or are you ok with abstinence for the rest of your life. If you’re aware of what it takes to be a priest, may the Good Lord bless you abundantly.


I would hope to enter an order. Probably the Fransicans, or the Jesuits, or The Disciples of the hearts of Jesus and Mary. I am well aware of the disciple of celibacy, and I hope the church doesn’t change that. I would not want to be a married priest.


:+1: God bless you!!!"


What!?! Of course not! Priests are called to be just like Jesus and jesus wasn’t married. It is very hard to follow purity and chastity when married, and (this next part is very important)
PRIESTS ARE SUPPOSED TO DEVOTE THEIR WHOLE HEART, MIND, SOUL, AND BODY TO GOD! IF A PRIEST IS MARRIED, THEN THEY DEVOTE A REALLY BIG PORTION OF THEIR LIFE TO THEIR WIFE AND CHILDREN. Im not angry, and your question was not stupid, but people really need to know this point. I may only be in high school , but I consider myself well educated in this topic.


I’m glad you think the way you do. I have already prayed a rosary for you, hopefully you become a priest and hear one of my confessions, I like the way you think without getting angry. Be patient with The Lord and He will show you the way.


And yet the Eastern Rite Churches, the Anglican Ordinariate, and the Orthodox Churches all have married priests, besides which there are also a smattering of married latin-rite clergy around. Having said that, regardless of what may or may not happen in the future, Latin-rite clergy are (with few exceptions) required to be celibate. It would be exceptionally foolish for anyone to discerning the priesthood to ignore the issue of celibacy in the expectation of a possible relaxation of the discipline in the future. Rather, celibacy is something which needs to be embraced in a positive way by those aspiring to priesthood.

In any event, and for the benefit of the OP, the nature or religious life - living in community and the vow of poverty - effectively rules out married priests. Still, this nonetheless prompts the question for the OP of why religious life and why those particular orders? Each order has its own particular charism and, in the case of the Jesuits and Dominicans, being a member of the order is, in some ways, actually more important than whether or not one is also a priest.


Thank you so much! Maybe someday our passes will cross (but of course we wouldn’t recognize each other).


Please contact me via private message. I want to tell you a secret. And I have some advice to give you. But if I may ask, how involved are you at church, and have you met any seminarians? Have you been talking to priests?
I don’t know if I just missed those info in the thread or not.


There’s only one way to find out. Try it out. Start exploring the possibility. Speak to your parish vocations director and the vocations director of any religious orders you’re interested in. Many dioceses and religious orders have “come and see” weekends where you can live with the community for a few days and see what it’s like. That might help you.

I explored my own vocation in the Dominican Order a few years ago. I entered as a novice for a year and at the end I decided to leave. Since then I’ve met a wonderful woman who I’m marrying in October this year. That year in formation was one of the most valuable years of my life though. I became much closer to the Lord, grew in my faith, made lifelong friends with some very holy young men, and was actually also prepared for meeting my future wife. I still very much feel at home with the Dominican spirituality of “preaching for the salvation of souls” and I someday will become a Third Order Dominican.

Basically, my advice is to explore this path. Even if it turns out to not be for you, you’ll be better off for the experience and the Lord will use it to build and strengthen your faith.

God Bless


Go for it. Keep it alive. Be strong with christ.


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