Am I called to marriage?


If I want to be married and have kids does that mean God is calling me to marriage?


Perhaps, but one must pray and ask God what He wants for you. We can easily be deceived and what we want can change from day to day.



One of the signs of a vocation is a desire or attraction to that vocation. And most people will receive a vocation to marriage, so it is likely that you are/will be called to marriage. At the same time, desire isn’t sufficient for a vocation. For example, a man may want to be married but have impediments to marriage. A woman may want to be a nun but be rejected by the religious orders she applies to. These are good indications that such a person is not being called to the vocation they initially find most desirable.


I’d say it’s a pretty good indication. :yup:


I know the feeling… sometimes I feel a strong pull to marriage and sometimes I feel a strong pull to the religious life. All we can do is keep praying about it. And I try to remember that marriage is only an option once we find someone to marry. :slight_smile:

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