Am I called to the priesthood or marriage?

Pls help me bros n sisters I been stressed out for a couple of years now. I don’t know if God is calling me to the Priesthood or if its ok to Marry. A couple of years ago i saw a promotion video about the Priesthood on you-tube called Fishers Of Men after done watching it, I dont remember since it was a while ago but, I THINK I thought about me being a Priest and i totally freaked out. I told No God Pls i dont want to be a Priest since then I been so stressed out. Im 23 years old never had a gf never even kissed a girl on the lips and i recently got baptzied in the Catholic Church. all of us are called to spread the word of God which i try to do at work and in my home. i already talked to many priests about this and some say follow my heart and getting married is not bad. co workers say they can see me as a priest and others say they see me married. I been going on my FEELINGS and most of the time i dont have peace when i think about the Priesthood. i ask God do you want me as a Priest then i start thinking or something saying yes you son of a b**** and then other times i hear No you son of b**** .or i think the enemy is tricking me to feel this way and not join the seminary? I dont now :(. I know being a Priest is not bad but me Personally my desire would be to have a family be self employed and help others financially and spiritually like a lay missionary. PLS HELP AND KEEP ME IN YOU’RE PRAYERS IM TIRED OF ME BEING LIKE THIS.

Hey Buddy,

Get a grip. You are obsessing on something that is simply not a problem. God isn’t going to force you to do anything. The first sign of a priestly vocation (and only the first–there are many other signs also) is a desire to be a priest. You obviously, do not want to be a priest. So you don’t even have the first sign. LET GO OF IT ! ! ! You are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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