Am i Called?


Everyone, i have a question, am i called to the Priesthood. I feel VERY strongly that i am. My reasons for thinking this are

I was young, about 5,6 or 7 years old, when i was in the crying room of the church, if i remember correctly (as long as this story isnt a fabrication of my mind), and i saw the Priests and the Altar Servers. Then i said " i want to do that"

As i have been growing up, (im 16 now) ive always told myself and my parents that i want to become a Priest,

I started Altar serving at a VERY young age, and i still sort of am. I basically grew up on the Altar.

I sort of drifted away though, through my own fault, and grew addicted to pornography and masturbation. With the Grace of the LORD JESUS, i stopped, and i have stopped, and ever since i came back to really practicing my Faith, i’ve grown on fire, i want the world to know JESUS, and i want to show the world, a better alternative to drugs, sex,alcholol and hopelessness. I want the world to meet my MASTER, And to love HIS SACRED HEART
(big SACRED HEART devotee right here!)

I can see myself, and sometimes, i actually like to, daydream and fantasize about celebrating Holy Mass, and absolving people from their sins.

I feel a great joy and fire in my heart, when i think of the Priesthood.

I want to go and help the homeless, personally, i want to help the drug addict, the prostitute, the hopeless, the happy, the joyful, I want to bring CHRIST to all of these people.

I am traditional in spirituality (love gregorian chant, EF Mass, HOLY COMMUNION on the tongue, traditional Catholic devotions)

Really love to pray

and one day, i want to take JESUS AND HIS SACRED HEART as my spouse.

I am going to join the Knights of the Holy EUCHARIST in Alabama, heres the website

Please pray for me, and any replies and answers are GREATLY appreciated!!!



Get a spiritual director, then start living a structured life which includes the Sacraments, Liturgy of the Hours, Lectio, and most importantly, the rosary. That which you envision yourself doing, start doing now through established charities.

Then talk to the diocesan vocations director.



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Start discerning via prayer, spiritual direction, and possibly ministry formation. I would go talk to a trusted priest and start from there. Only you and God know if you are truly called, but there are resources out there in the church who can and will help you discern what that call really is.


When you are called to ministry, you wont have to force it. How you will know if you are called to ministry.

  1. U hear Gods voice say so.

  2. You have visions that you can't explain, of you doing that job. Those visions will be sharper then day. They wont be daydreams or anything else, because even the flesh can play tricks, and devils love to join in to delude the mind.

  3. People come your way without you saying anything to them, and tell you that you will be a priest, and or along those lines.

Now for me all those are checked.

If you do not have any of those 3 things above, then you are not called. I do not mean to discourage you or anything, but this is a serious matter, and it does effect you and the people that you will be helping for the rest of your life.

Have you thought about the deacon?


indeed start talking to a Priest now and ask for a Spiritual Director, and do not be discouraged if your mind changes here and there or if a month from now it goes away.

I am 33 years old, and now just starting my discernment, and have just set up an appointment to meet with my Spiritual Director,

I could go on an on how Christ has changed my life and intervened in so many ways, how I have come across certain things that made me think, but one thing i do know in my life is Christ has always been the common factor, always there for me.

And I have always wanted to be better than what I am and serve others, to help people, and fight the good fight.

I am not certain what my vocation will be as of yet, but I have come to a point n my life where my doubts about a living a religious life no longer feel like i am just day dreaming or having just mere feelings.

Also I have turned to prayer to Our Blessed Mother in the Rosary , it is a great tool and gift against vices and sin, if you havent learned to pray the Rosary yet I would encourage you to give it a shot, at least a good week.

Dont beat yourself up inside if you change your mind, because this could just be God building his foundation in you, and the saying is * Rome wasn’t built in a day * .


First, I just want to say what a wonderful beginning you have to what is definitely a calling. Perhaps God is not calling you to be a priest, and this intense desire to serve His people will lead you elsewhere. But, it seems that these experiences are leading you toward discerning the priesthood. Follow that! Definitely contact the director of vocations for you diocese (don’t wait until high school is over, they’d love to start helping you now.) You can tell him about your desires, questions, and particular interests, and he will be able to tell you about your diocese or religious orders that might be a good fit for your spirituality. And most important, he can put you in contact with a spiritual director.

I would be careful with this checklist, and that’s why finding yourself a spiritual director as soon as possible is most important. Because these 3 things are very subjective. For someone just starting to discern the call to priesthood, one can’t simply know whether God is speaking to him, or whether the “visions” of being a priest are genuine. Also, people coming up and telling you that you will be a priest is not necessary either way. It may be a nice sign for a young man, but it certainly doesn’t determine a calling. It’s not that these things don’t happen, but looking for these kinds of signs is not how one finds out whether he is called to the priesthood.

I give my 2 cents as a convert who has spent 2 years in seminary and is now applying to join a religious order. I’ve had quite a bit of discernment experience, and I just want you to know how blessed you are to have received a calling so young. Don’t let it slip away, you have a great life with Christ in store for you, no matter where He leads! Keep praying, and be assured of my prayers for you!

In Christ through Mary,


For the above poster who said i need those three things, i kind of do, but i dont think that those are what determines if i become a Priest. I do DAYDREAM about being a Priest, and i love it, with a capital IT, but, i dont think those three things are nessecscary, i feel the call, but im not discouraged as i feel the LORDS presence. I feel HE is calling me, and i want to respond! any thoughts folks?


Do find a spiritual director. You can start with your Pastor and he will point you to the right direction. A spiritual director will not only help you discern, but help you with your spirituality and prayer life. God bless!


I consider my vocation like this.

Hi, I’m an new member and I’m also discering Priesthood just wrote this to make my thoughts clear in words. I thought it might help for some people in similar situations. I know it reads strange but that’s how I write for personal use.

I would like to be a priest. It is what I know and what I have seen.
People it seems know priests and there is a protocal that people
follow when a priests enter a room. A brother, though I have not seen.
I don’t know how people treat Brothers, what is the protocal. I have not seen a brother and
don’t know one. I think I can do what I’ve seen priests do, because I
have seen them. I don’t think I can do what a Brother does because I
have never seen them.

Now, it occurs to me that a priest may have greater responsibility. Is
a priest different from a Borther, which is higher in hierarchy. If I
think I would not make a good priest than maybe I should be a brother.
Or, maybe there is no difference between the two. Also, isn’t there
a passage in the Bible that says those who know more will be
accountable for more and those who know less will be accountable for

Now I have never considered myself to be a person worthy to take more
accountability. I am disabled. I have depended on people my whole
life, and thus found God in that I cannot take care of myself. I
haven’t the ability in physical means nor the skills from past
experience to be so responible. How can I think myself able to do such
a job? Perhaps there is a way to reconcile this conflict? God
doesn’t judge such things, does He? While I may be unable to do as others, I can
still be more responsible. After all maybe I am more responsible
than others, who will tell? Now there may be good responsible priests
out there but there may also be less responsible priests too. Now should I
say that I should not be a priest because I my limitions in
responiblilty.? There may be others out there who are priests who are less
able and responsible than myself. Should I say that only the responsible
take up the duty of priesthood when I know that some priests may be
more responible the others; and can I decided who is worthy and who is
unworthy. I cannot say that.

If every one who doubted their worthyness
in their ablility to be a priest and followed through on that principle then there would be no one. So the responisble thing is, to rather take up the job even when I may not
be as well as others, it’s just my taking up the job that was responsible since no one else wanted to do the job.

Or, maybe because I thought I was unworthy I should listen to my own
instincts because that thought proves I don’t believe in my own
capabilities. Yet, if I were the only priest in the world it wouldn’t
matter how responsible I was because there would be no way to judge my
responsibility, accept The Lord. And If I knew a priest who needed
another priest for help, maybe he wouldn’t so much care if he were
responsible or better than himself but only that he would take up the
position and at least try to help. If I were that priest I would feel
that way. At that time I could be judged irresponible or not, and
still taking the responsibility by take the job.

So when the Lord says, that one is better than that one, I will say I
was responible enough to try to help. Would you rather me have not
taken that responsibility?


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