Am I complicit/participating indirectly in the evil of theft?


Salvete, omnes.

A very close friend of mine (and possibly more in future) who is otherwise a “good person” is not exactly the most wealthy person in the world and therefore seems to believe that pirating or “cracking” software (including Windows and some music editing software) is more justified.

I am planning to confront him but, when I do and if he persists in this activity, would I be complicit/participating too directly in the evil if I were to have anything to do with anything that he chooses to do with this software? So, say, if he sends me something like an e-mail via Windows on his PC and I enjoy it/reply to i/etc., am I participating too directly in the evil of his theft? If he composes something for me with the music software (which he often does), would I be complicit in his evil by listening to and even enjoying that music? As long as I kept emphasizing that stealing software is wrong and maybe even threaten to and actually eventually even turn him in?

Gratias multas.


Duplicate thread.


Its none of your business.

Also why start two threads at the same time on the same topic. This thread is redundant.


Yes this…if it makes you uncomfortable let this person know not to send u stuff.


Just because you don’t like the answers, doesn’t mean you try to poll until the polls turn out the way like.
I did notice that I was the only poster who gave you a fairly benign answer in the other thread and you totally ignored it. You chose to argue with others.

Is that all its about? Mental gymnastics? I thought maybe it was a genuine scenario.


That is why my reply in the other thread was “nice baiting.” This poster constantly does things like this.


For sure. Would the poster call the police if her friend went over the speed limit, too?


Hey, folks. Lay off.

This is a slightly different topic from the one I posted earlier, although, yes, it is related, but I didn’t think it related enough to keepin the other thread. It was my attempt at being more organized, but, apparently, those who are unable to understand the subtleties of various subject areas just don’t get that.

Now, if you are not going to give serious and well-though-out answers to my questions and aree simply here to attack me, move along, please. Your words are not worth my time.


No problem. I’ll put you on ignore. Arrogance does not make for good dialog.
One does not need to write a book to reply.


Well, if u tell it’s wrong to do, and after that if he continues to send u stuff and u use it, thats defeating the purpose and being kind of a hypocrite.


The well thought out answer that everyone is giving you is that its none of your business.

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