am I culpable?

Recently someone asked if they could borrow a couple of my dvd’s so that they could pirate them. Knowing full well this person’s intent was to essentially “steal” the material, am I also culpable of theft? Is this something that I need to confess, even though all I technically did was loan out the dvd’s?

Well if you knew that their intent was to steal you didn’t technically loan them. You just help them steal the dvds. Did your dad know that you were going to “loan” them out? Anyways it does sound like you culpable of some sin, though I don’t think it is grave matter. Even so you should go see a priest.

Giving someone the means to sin is cooperation in evil (and sin is moral evil). So, if you did that, you have committed theft.


lol…apparently I look younger online than in reality. :smiley: My dad wouldn’t care. My KIDS might though, given that they were Disney movies.

Actually, I pretty much already knew the answer to this. I basically told the person that I wasn’t comfortable loaning out my stuff to someone who just told me that they were going to use it to do something illegal. At which point the person said, “Oh, then let me rephrase…can I borrow your discs?”

At which point you could have said, “Well, then, let ME rephrase. No.”


Of course it is sinful. You knew exactly why the person wanted to borrow your DVDs - to pirate them. You are keeping the people involved from earning a fair wage on their product. It’s also against the law to do it. If it were me, I definitely would confess it, and then I would never loan out my DVDs again if you know the material on them would be stolen.

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