Am I dead?

One day, I was camping with my friends and family (I’m 13) and I fell from a ledge and almost broke my back while cliff jumping. It was really scary and I took it as a near death expirence. It really freaked me out. I was crying all the time. Later, I get this idea:
“What if I died, and gods simulating my life for me, and so I wouldn’t know?”
This really freaked me out! I thought that every time someone told me I was wrong, god or a higher force was just trying to prevent me from knowing! I’ve been scared about the idea of solipsism, and other philosphy ideas. But I’m so sad to think my mom and dad are crying and standing at my grave in the real world. :"(( please help me and only show support please!


God love you! In my fourteen years at Catholic Answers, this is truly a question I have never had to answer before. God has NEVER revealed either through Sacred Scripture or through Sacred Tradition that He ever plays such games with us. What He HAS revealed is that He loves us even to the point of joining us in our human journey and suffering and dying on our behalf. Such love would never play such a dirty trick on us.

You mention God or a higher power. There IS NO power higher than God. And He is pure, unlimited love! Your fear is based on a non-provable fiction. And see how confused and lacking in peace it has made you. Why not trust the Lord’s love for you. He shows His love for you by every second He continues to give you existence. You are in my prayers. Feel free to contact me privately by clicking on my name above.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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