Am I doing something wrong?


I am not at present a Catholic. I do want to convert, and I do attend mass. (The priest says that the new RCIA program starts again in September and CCD). I feel lost in the pew on Sundays. I know I must not recieve communion until I am received into the Church, if that ever happens. (I admit that I feel ackward to just stay in my seat Sunday after Sunday with my two children) But more importantly, what about our sins? I confess them to God, as I am accustomed to from my protestant background but is that enough and are we to just wait? What if one of us dies now? My children 11 and nearly 5 are not baptisted and don’t understand much about what I am asking them to participate in. I have been baptized in a Baptist church decades ago. I have been away for a long time… Thank you for any help, and if you have a forum to direct me to that might prove helpful that would be welcomed. May God Bless you!


Hey Keith,

Not to worry. The Lord has you in the palm of His hand. You didn’t put the desire to come to His Church in your heart. It was the Holy Spirit who did. He is flooding you with grace even as you read this. There is no reason to feel awkward at Mass simply because you cannot receive the Eucharist at this time. He is allowing you to thirst for Him in the sacrament. Certainly, there is nothing stopping you from spending time before the tabernacle outside of Mass time—just being near His Eucharistic presence.

If He should call you before you have become a Catholic, you have nothing to fear. Trust Him. He is in charge. This goes for your children as well. He loves you! Feel free to write me privately or give me a call at 619 387 7200. You and your family are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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