am I doomed?


I think I’ve committed a mortal sin. Is it okay to wait until confession this Saturday or should I make an appt. with a priest immediately?

I have a long-ingrained habit of a certain sin that I haven’t been doing for many months, have been going to confession weekly to help overcome this sin, but today I gave in… I feel doomed and hopeless…

Or am I being scrupulous? I get so confused. I also struggle with depression and anxiety and am in a 12 step group.

Please pray for me.


You’re in my prayers. I assume it’s only Tuesday where you are. If it’ll ease your mind then make an appointment.

There are a lot of us who are in the same boat in regard to thinking we’ve basically conquered a particular sin only to “crash and burn”. Treat it as a warning against assuming you’re immune from sin.

No reason to feel hopeless though. Remember God gave us the sacrament of confession because he knows we’ll slip up at times - as does everyone, even the Apostles themselves did, and pretty spectacularly sometimes.

Just make an Act of Contrition and resolve to confess as soon as you can, and do your best not to worry. Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and think of how much Jesus wants all of us to be saved. He’s not looking to mercilessly condemn you.


You haven’t fallen, you’ve stumbled.
If you can reasonably get to Confession before Saturday, so much the better: but if you can’t, remember God’s mercy is infinite. He wants you to be saved.

As to whether you’re being scrupulous: consult your priest about that when you confess. He’ll know better than any message board strangers.

My prayers for you. :gopray2:


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