Am i exagerating?

the deal is this, i have made this email account, and with it some accounts with it. the problem is i think i could have had done stuff that could be considered occultism and were related to the name of the account (trying to control my own soul) altough i dont think i have done that (at least 2 years since i made it). then i got this idea that well since the original account was problematic maybe as a punishment God could let demons to attack or something if i used them, and maybe extended to those stuff related to it (like a new email that i changed on a forum account i made with the original).

so the deal is this, i want to make new ones just to be sure, but then i got this problem that when creating the accounts i fear that not using a name i like or the same password as in those, im being superstitious, on the other hand i think that using them will be like using the other accounts. so what am i suppose to do? I made another one some days ago but i avoided the name and the password so i fear i have been superstitious on that.

also is it sinful to dont investigate if something is or not a sin, for example in this case i just said “well i dont know, but i dont really have any hurry in knowing” and avoided making them and getting some stuff just to dont think about it.

PS: my real problem i think is that after reading about vincible and invincible ignorance i feel like my judgement has 0 value, i have the idea that im worrying over nothing, that I indeed can use the password and the name, without any problem, and that the other account maybe was being very scared but not superstitious, given that i did not give any magical properties to that, but just tought of being guilty or open to attacks because of using something shouldn’t. but i feel like i can’t trust my own judgement specially in somewhat important stuff.

Can you be more specific and give details as to what happened? Why would you have more than one or two email accounts anyway? :confused:

well, the thing is i made this account years ago, and i fear i could have tried that control my soul stuff, altough not really sure.

so now i try to make a new one to stop using the old one, but then this problems i talked about (second paragraph) started, i made one and i think i was being superstitious when done, so i have problems.

oh and also is it wrong, to don’t investaigate that something is or not a sin if you could easily avoid it with minor problems?

Delete the accounts. Start a new one with a benign login and then make an appointment to speak to your priest about your fears.

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