Am I forgiven for the sins I did not confess?

I am afraid that before Christmas Eve of this year I had not been to confession in some time. However, I suddenly felt a very strong desire to go, and I felt I needed to before Christmas so I could celebrate the Lord’s birth with true inner peace. However, there was one grave sin I needed to confess. When doing so, I’m afraid I got very upset, and during the sacrament I only managed to utter my grave sin and the “other bad things” and the priest, whom I know personally, continued with the prayers, granting me absolution. Am I forgiven for the other things I did not say? HELP!

Dear luv,

It does not appear that you deliberately withheld the other sins. You were upset and the priest rushed a bit. I expect that those sins were forgiven. But you do owe God the expression of humility and sorrow by mentioning them the next time you go to confession–which ought to be within in the month! We need to make use of this sacrament–not just when we feel like it, but because the Lord deserves our repentence.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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