Am I free to marry in the Church if my ex has died?

My first marriage was performed in a catholic church. My first husband and I were divorced because of many reasons. I remarried outside the church and my husband now was also married in the catholic church in his first marriage and divorced because of may reasons.
My question is my first husband has passed away recently. Am I free of this marriage or do I still have to get an annulment because of the divorce or is the death enough for the marriage to be disolved.
Can I start receiving communion even though my second marriage was outside the catholic church.

Marriage is “until death does us part.” Once one of the spouses dies the marriage bond ceases to exist.
In your case you are free to marry in the Church due to the death of your former husband. However your current husband may not be free to marry in the Church. Because he was previously married, if his ex wife is still alive he needs to annulment in order to be free to marry in the Church.
Someone who is married outside the Church is not permitted to receive communion. You would need to have your marriage situation straightened out in the Church before you may receive communion.

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