Am I guilty of entertaining God-denying thoughts?

I have done this many times. I think what would I do if I would stop being Catholic. I also think what would say in confession if I would do something. I sometimes even get thoughts about leaving Catholic faith. I have thought about all these things in past, but passivelly. I have never really connsidered leaving Catholic faith. However, I have had thoughts that are like “What if I am doing this for nothing?”. I would say “I am going to think about leaving faith for a while”". However, when theae thoughts come, I think of them. It’s not pleasure of any kind. Also, it is alarming that I think about those things at all wgen I know that God is real and that there is nothing worse then sin (except maybe not being sorry for sin). Are my actions sinful?

Satan is giving you exaggerated thoughts as long as you don’t entertain them you are fine.

The worst thing you can do is walk away from God and leave the Church.

You’re in good company. Mother Teresa struggled with her own belief in God throughout her life. :thumbsup:

Periodic bouts of doubting whether God exists or not is part of the journey of faith. The fact that in spite of all evidence or lack thereof, you still choose the believe. You are what Jesus would call Blessed, as in “blessed is he who has not seen but has believed”. Some of the greatest saints had their doubts.

No worry. You may want to get yourself a spiritual advisor to help you in your journey. If you can’t well this is what this forum is for. :smiley:

Really good answers on this thread. If you left the Church where would you go to find the fullness of truth? Nowhere. so stick around with us :slight_smile: It’s almost like a wedding vow, through better or worse etc…

everyone struggles with their faith at times. pray that God will increase your faith!

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