Am I in a state of mortal sin?

If I did something which I thought was a mortal sin in the morning while I was still in the process of waking up, am I now in a state of serious sin?
My thought process was at first no, because I was not fully awake (so I couldn’t give complete consent) and once I realized what I was doing was mortally sinful I immediately stopped.
But then I rethought and wondered if I wanted to remember it that way because I don’t want to be in a state of serious sin.
I’ve stressed about it so much that now when I look back on it, I can’t remember what actually happened anymore. I just need to know if I can present myself for Holy Communion on Sunday.
Thank you so much.

If you werent fully awake and immediately stopped once you realized it then i think your fine!

You can always go to confession before mass… explain to the priest what occured, and regardless of whether it’s a venial sin or mortal, not only will it be forgiven, you will receive the grace of God!

Yes, any priest worth his salt will take/make a moment to hear a Confession before Mass - if he is busy, out of politeness keep it focused on the particular concern while just generally mentioning ‘lesser’ shortcomings.

I think you are OK, you may confess it when you next time see your priest, you can confess everywhere, it does not have to be in the confession booth, last time I did confess I did it at home when we had coffee with a priest.

One question though, is masturbation the only sin that people on this forum commit. It seem to me that it is always masturbation or reading porn. That said, I would still feel pretty good as long as nobody ask what to do because one just killed someone.

I believe absolution in that case also comes with the proviso [from the priest] that the person also presents him or herself to the legal authorities/police and honestly opens up to them as well.

Hi there. Can I ask if you find you have a tendency to be anxious or concerned about what other people think of you. Do you find yourself more sensitive to rejection that others?

If you find the above traits are stronger in your personality than those around you I suggest the issue here is a tendency to scrupulosity. If this is the case then DO NOT get into the habit of anxiously racing off to a priest for Confession at moments that are niether appropriate for you or for him. That is simply feeding and rewarding your anxiety by alleviating it in an unhealthy way.

The better way to deal with irrational scruples is to develop a rational plan AND STICK TO IT in those irrational periods. e.g. I will go to confession regularly at 4pm on Sat every 3 weeks and no more. God will certainly understand/forgive me in intervening periods if I irrationally feel I have committed mortal sin and go to communion. Such a plan or similar is exactly what should be discussed with your local PP if you believe you are suffering from scruples. Such is exactly what priests often counsel/practice in obvious cases they notice in the confessional.

BTW mortal sinners don’t mortally sin by accident. And if they do they often don’t care afterwards.

Thank you so much everyone for your help!

Lasting Faith: I think that these types of sins are so often talked about on these forums because they are perhaps the most embarrassing; these are difficult to talk about with someone such as a priest or deacon to get help. The anonymity of the internet helps us who struggle with these types of sins to talk about them with less fear and embarrassment.

Blue Horizon: Thank you for your advice; I plan on setting up a meeting with my local priest to help me.

Thank you everyone who took the time to respond; may God bless all of you and keep you safe.

Really? I’m pretty sure a priest can’t force you to break the seal of confession. Correct me if I am wrong, but I seem to remember that actually being specifically given as an example by Baltimore catechism back in my childhood.

In some cases a priest may not absolve you unless you turn yourself in to the authorities.
This is because, if a sin is hienious enough, unwillingness to do so is a sign that one is not manifesting the requisite level of contrition.

[quote=Blue Horizon;10903459**]In some cases a priest may not absolve you unless you turn yourself in to the authorities.

This is because, if a sin is hienious enough, unwillingness to do so is a sign that one is not manifesting the requisite level of contrition.

This is incorrect. A priest cannot give conditional absolution. If you are truly sorry, he must give you absolution, no strings attached. He also cannot tell you to turn yourself in as penance.

In the case of serious offences especially one of the signs of true penitence is going to ALL LEGITIMATE AUTHORITIES, surely?

Where did I say it was conditional?
No sign of true penitence? … get out of my confessional, come back when I see signs of true penitance is what I said. :thumbsup:

You mentioned that in some cases, a priest may not absolve unless you turn yourself into the authorities. That is incorrect. To do so would break the seal of confession. :thumbsup:

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