Am I in big trouble?


I had foot surgery a month ago and will miss at least six weeks of Masses. My priest anointed (sacrament of the sick) me the day before the surgery, and I asked him afterwards if I could go to Confession with him. I mentioned this on the phone before I went to Mass and anointing that day. Yes, I even heard him pronounce the words that all venial sins are forgiven when this sacrament takes place. He didn’t answer me when I asked again anyway, but I was too embarrassed to say out loud that I had a mortal sin to confess. So, here I am at home, unable to go anywhere except for the doctor, and I am feeling more and more uneasy about going to hell (after dying on the way to the doctor’s office or some other bizarre accident) for not confessing this sin. Please advise me what to do. Thanks so much.

Oh, also in an episode of Mother Angelica Live Classics, I heard her talk about hell and how real it is and we will go there if we have one mortal sin that has not been confessed. My uneasiness increased as I was hearing her speak!

No, you are not in big trouble. You made a good faith effort to go to confession and for whatever reason it did not happen. I would recommend that you simply place a call to your local parish and explain that you are confined to your home for several weeks and would appreciate it if a priest could come by for confession and communion.

Its important to remember that Jesus told us to call God “father.” God, as a loving father, sees your love for him and your desire to be reconciled through the sacrament of confession.

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