Am I in mortal sin or just overreacting?

It’s been about 2 years since I became catholic(or am trying to), but only recently my bf and I made the firm decision to be chaste. We’ve tried before, but always ended up falling into the same sin.
Anyways, the point is: out of habit, I changed my clothes while he was in the same room(I asked him to turn around so I could do that and he answered my request). After that, I finally came to my senses and realized what I’ve done. I felt terrible.
Am I in mortal sin? If so, how would you suggest me to confess it? (I thought “I changed my clothes while my bf was in the room” sounded really weird, idk)

Well, as you know, it was not the best judgment. However, you did not say “watch this!” and poor judgment is not willfully deciding to commit a serious sin. Have bf step out next time. I would just mention it at your next confession.

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Congratulations for your recent decision with your boyfriend to be chaste! :slight_smile: That’s wonderful and beautiful. Praise God, and may He bless your relationship richly!

Based on your description, no, you didn’t mortally sin, because you didn’t intend for your boyfriend to see you, or for your action to potentially spark his imagination (etc). At the same time, changing in the same room sounds like putting yourself and your boyfriend in a “near occasion to sin”, so it’s best to avoid it in future.

In Confession, don’t worry too much about whether your phrasing “sounds weird” to a priest, haha. They’ve heard it all, and God is the one listening anyway. I think your phrasing sounds fine, though I might add some sense of your understanding of why your action should have been avoided (e.g. frame it as a failure of prudence, or of putting yourselves in a near occasion to sin, potentially scandalizing your boyfriend or tempting him to sin, etc). Then allow your priest to mediate God’s absolution to you, and continue on your way :slight_smile: It sounds like you and your boyfriend are walking together on a good path right now, and a little stumble like this (especially out of habit) is nothing to get discouraged by. Let God pick you up, and keep walking! :footprints:

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Mortal sin requires grave matter.

Why do you think this would be grave matter? He turned his back while you changed.

I’m not seeing what the sin is?


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