Am I in mortal sin?

i have a few health conditions, one being a undiagnosed illness which makes me have a skin rash that bleeds. As I was getting ready for Mass today my skin started bleeding on my face so I had to treat it and it made me late for Mass. I also have severe anxiety which has increased in the past few weeks (I’m seeing a doctor soon about this) and because of the anxiety I didn’t go to Mass at all because of being late.

Am I in mortal sin for missing Mass?


Be at peace. You have not sinned.

I would suggest though that you discuss these concerns with your confessor / spiritual director. He knows you circumstances the best and can give you the most useful direction.


I’ve been told that it’s physical as well as emotional illness that constitutes an acceptable reason to miss mass. Of course, by emotional illness I mean anxiety, depression, profound sadness, etc, not “I’m sad my football lost so I’m going to stay home and watch the next game…”

See paragraph 1859 of the catechism. It’s not a grave matter, and because of your conditions (note that I used the plural) it’s not freely chosen or consented to.

Speaking as a diagnosed fellow sufferer of anxiety, this answer may wind up spinning your mind in different directions, but try not to let that happen! :wink: Easier said than done, I know, but you can talk to a priest for a better explanation.

God bless you, and remember to pray for the intercession of St. Dymphna.

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