Am I in schism? :(


for the last week or two, I have been listening to the speeches of the bishops who are criticizing the Pope’s take on the divorced and remarried issue.

I’ve been reading something that says the Pope Francis is not a valid pope. It had some convincing arguments.

But I willfully do not accept that, because that would put me in schism. Did I sin and got myself in schism in the moment when I was reading the stuff stated above? (I did find some arguments quite convincing and perhaps for a minute or two I believed it)

I am just about to go to the Mass, and I was really looking forward to receiving the Holy Communion (I have scrupulosity issues), but now I do not know if I can receive the Holy Communion.

God bless

Wow, your scrupulosity is really bad, you really need to talk with your priest about this and maybe, and I don’t mean to come off rude, but possibly a psychologist as you seem to have anxiety.

Anyways, no, reading that does not put you in schism. Besides, unless the bishops you read about were in the SSPX or something, they are probably not in schism either. We can criticize the Pope when we don’t agree with him, and frankly, I applaud some of the more traditional Cardinals that do speak out against some the Popes words and actions when needed. He is still the Pope though, so as Pope, we must respect him.

As for what you read saying Pope Francis is not a valid Pope, those are the Sedevacantist, and most of them don’t believe any Pope after Pope Pius XII is a valid Pope (though I have heard some who apparently accepted Popes all the way up to Benedict XVI, and still proclaim him as the true Pope while rejecting Francis). They are in schism, and many in heresy, but as said, simply reading them doesn’t put you in schism. Unless you start to believe and practice what they preach, then you’re not in schism.

It is the “spirit” of the thing, one could be
drawn by a “spirit of schism” thru reading
the article you referred to and be captured
by it. You need to be freed by praying,
loving God, then the Church and those
you care about.

It’s a shame that there are so many so-called “Catholic” websites these days that say things about the Pope that would make Martin Luther blush.

Please talk to a priest about your scrupulosity. You need pastoral assistance that you simply cannot receive on an anonymous internet forum.

Just reading an article does not put you in schism. I would say that—particularly for one who suffers from scrupulosity—it is not wise to read such articles because of the turmoil you are currently experiencing as a result (and because such articles are generally devoid of any redeeming merit). But that doesn’t mean you have committed a mortal sin by reading it.

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