Am I in the right state of mind to go to Confession today?

I am so upset right now.

I have needed to go to Confession now for weeks and have been unable to go because there is nobody to watch the kids. DH has been working every Saturday, my mom and dad are too busy on the week-ends and haven’t been around. I haven’t received Communion in a long time because of this.

DH was supposed to have today off work, so I planned on going today. DH tells me last night that he had to get up this morning and go over to his buddy’s house to help him fix a car. He made this sound like something that would only take a couple of hours. I asked him if this was going to take all day, he said no. I informed him that he needs to be back here by 3:00 so I can go to Church. He said OK.

He left this morning and has been gone ALL DAY and he is not answering his cell phone. I am so angry at him right now not only that it is almost 3 and he is nowhere to be found, but just that he takes off like this all day as if he has no worries or responsibilities. I have had these kids for TWO WEEKS straight with out any break and I had several errands I needed to run today while I FINALLY had someone to take the kids. I am so angry that he thinks he can just take off and do whatever he wants. These are HIS kids too and sometimes I NEED A BREAK! I have lost all of my patience with them and I just don’t feel like I am in a state to be a very good mom right now.

I"m sorry, I guess I just needed to vent right now. I have until 4:30 to get to confession and if he comes back in time, I just don’t know if I can go in this state of mind. I feel such rage right inside right now and I know this could be my last chance to go for at least another two weeks until DH has a Saturday off again.

I just don’t know what to do…I don’t even know that it matters because apparently DH FORGOT that I needed to leave and probably won’t come home until tonight when he thinks it will be time for us to go out and party.

Somehow I think I’m going to be spending this New Years Eve alone.

You might be experiencing justified anger at being, essentially, separated from the Sacraments. I would be mad and disappointed, too, if I couldn’t receive Holy Communion for weeks and having to live with a mortal sin on my soul! Please go to Confession today! Let God clean out your soul so that it will be all clean for 2006 :slight_smile: If your kids are driving you nuts, maybe they could use a good round in the confessional, too, if they’re old enough :wink:

And if you confess the rage you feel towards your husband, chances are that you will not feel so angry once you are absolved. You’ll be calm, happy to be back in a state of grace, and ready to talk to your husband when he feels like coming back home. Good luck!

If you can go, don’t worry about being angry.

Talk to your confessor about it.

One thing that has amazed me…I don’t always feel ready to make my confession, or penitent enough,…but once I’m there, the repentence is real. Just as an example, a couple weeks ago I went in and actually confessed that I was not sorry about a particular sin I committed…and at that moment, I began crying and I felt so remorseful. I had to shepishly admit that I WAS sorry, but of course, I was in the perfect place to come clean about that!

Go, if you can…go. I will keep you in my prayers.

Have you considered marriage counseling? It sounds like it may be needed as clearly YOU are not getting what you NEED. You husband needs a huge wakeup call.

Is there another way you can get there? Like bus, cab or something…call a friend for a ride…get there and then deal with the situation with your husband afterwards. You’ll probably feel calmer after going anyway and maybe you can get a good discussion going on how to solve this issue with him. Good luck. :slight_smile:

oh and p.s. maybe you could make an appointment with a priest for a time that works for you if you can’t make it today.

I used to sometimes arrange to meet a friend at Church. She’s watch my kids in the Church then I’d watch hers. It was kind of a pain, but one good thing is we wouldn’t put it off since we knew the other was counting on us. Also, the kids got to see us going to the confessional.

When our husbands are so busy or even a little thoughtless, we need to count on our friends. :slight_smile:


I love your suggestion. I could possibly even feel like asking for a special time to see the priest, too. Our parish’s confession time is about the time to fix dinner on Saturday on night. I would love to say that my hubby and I could take turns at confession and then take the kids out to dinner – but that would seem to make my husband feel like we were going to break the bank.

So the friend approach could actually be a most pleasant choice.


I ended up going to Confession, my Dad got home just in time for me to get there.

I’m relieved that I got to go and especially relieved that I could finally receive Communion, but it was really hard for me to let go of my anger.

DH and I ended up arguing last night and ended up not speaking the rest of the night. It’s hard to stop being mad at him when he doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

I think today I’m taking off and going to the mall and leaving HIM with the kids. :thumbsup:

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