Am I Latin or Byzantine?


Here’s the situation:

Both of my parents were baptized Latin-rite Catholics, but neither was a believing Catholic. I was baptized in the Latin rite at my grandmother’s insistence. I was not raised in the Church. I have never been a member of a Latin-rite parish.

As an adult, I came back into the Church, and was chrismated and received my First Communion in the Byzantine rite. I never made a formal change of rite, but for the past ten years, I have considered myself a Byzantine Catholic.

So, technically, am I a Latin or a Byzantine Catholic?


Since church enrollment is determined at baptism, and you do not know of your enrollment being changed with your chrismation, your sacramental record most likely still reflects your enrollment in the Latin church from your infancy. The easiest way to rectify this situation – should you desire to do so – is to approach your priest and, together with him, write to your local Latin ordinary (i.e., the bishop of the diocese in which you currently reside) and to the Byzantine hierarch whose care you are under, explain to them the situation as you have here, and ask for the sacramental record to reflect your status. They will initiate a change of canonical enrollment, and, when that is complete, your sacramental record will be annotated with your current and correct enrollment as a Byzantine.

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