Am I letting a serpent into my house?


My cousin used to be Catholic and is New Age now. I told her that I have obsessive compulsive disorder and she offered to use colour therapy:juggle: on me for healing…Am I letting a serpent into my house?:rolleyes:


I pray you do not allow her to use any therapy on you. It is such compromising that opens the wrong doors.

God bless you, and be your strength.




I haven’t heard of color therapy and just looked it up to see if maybe it was something benign, like a visual version of music therapy (certain colors are calming and soothing, just as certain kinds of music have the same effect, etc.)

What I found is not something I would recommend. Looks like practitioners may be into using crystals and believe in “chi energies.” This universal energy thing is a hallmark of new age, non-Christian ideas. (Reiki, by the way, is another kind of “therapy” claiming to use energy, and it has recently been condemned by the US Bishops.)

At best this therapy would do nothing, and at worst, like you said, it’ll “let a serpent into the house.” I would tell your cousin “no thanks.”


maybe I am naive…but How can Color therepy or the beliefe in “Chi” be sinful? Chi is believed to be the life energy of God or the cosmos within the physical being of everyone. How can this be wrong???

Sorry, I’m just curious. And if I’m going to be catholic one day, I’ve got to know-right?




You are correct. You should find out as much as possible before becoming catholic. An RCIA program will guide you when you are ready. For now, know this, any reiki, or chi-energy program is “way off track.” These practices are in the new age realm - not in the catholic realm. These practices and catholocism are incompatible to say the least.


Michelle - it might prove helpful to you to read the book on the Catholics and the New Age by Fr. Mitch Pacwa - a fully faithful Jesuit priest (those feel sometimes hard to find, but they do exist!) who did a lot of experimentation in all sorts of New Age things. It doesn’t specifically address color therapy, however I think it will answer your questions, and this from a very, very learned man and priest who’s quite loyal to the Magisterium.


What’s after the “color therapy”??? Magic crystals that change your aura and bring peace and love to your life??? Then we can burn some candles in this circle and ask for a netherworld spirit to cleanse us :rolleyes::confused::eek::stuck_out_tongue:

Like a vampire… once invited in…

Pray, pray, pray… visit with Jesus in Adoration… go to confession…
and find a good therapist who specializes in OCD. Don’t reply on some New Agey feel good hokus pokus ****!!

I’ll keep you in my prayers and my rosary.

God Bless,



The life of God in our souls is called “grace,” not “chi.” We do not manipulate it like energy fields; it is a free gift from God. We can pray to Him for grace; we can grow in grace by participating in the sacraments and living a Christ-centered life.

If we need healing, we can seek it through prayer, through the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick if it is a serious illness, and by obtaining scientifically validated medical treatment.

New age modalities of treatment are based in non-Christian (occult, pagan) religious practices. Overlaying upon these new age practices quasi-Christian words such as “the life energy of God” does not validate them.


Party - guard yourself carefully. Especially when you already battling anxieties and issues - the devil loves to piggyback on problems and make them worse. Nothing can heal you but Jesus. I think your analogy of letting a serpent into your house is spot on…God has given you the gift of being able to discern that this is not right. If you participate in what your friend is suggesting, you may be opening a gateway to evil that will follow you the rest of your life and perhaps beyond. I suggest you really fasten yourself to God’s side during your troubled times. Get familiar with some Catholic devotions and prayers…I personally love the Divine Mercy chaplet. Get a few tapes/cds/mp3s of divine mercy or the rosary (Fr. Groechsel has a great one called The Rosary is a Place), and put them on to soothe you when you are feeling anxious or while falling asleep. When you feel anxiety coming on, call on Jesus, repeat the phrase Jesus I Trust in You.


I lost most of my relatives to this new age stuff. It’s like, anything the wind blows their way, they are game and leap without looking, then insisting all others in the family to follow their lead, my own mother was the driving force initially behind that movement.

The thing to understand is how the evil one works, he does so quite subtly, inch by inch, you are lead off of the path, you don’t know it until it’s too late. What originally seemed innocent and in many cases, not even addressed with the church or the bible specifically, turns into something else, yet the theme behind all of it, to test it, does it turn your attention away from God or to him?

I’m familiar with Reiki, it’s a sharing of souls of sorts, where one person infected with spiritual disease bonds with another, the both then are infected with the same disease, yet the original person remains sick, they are slightly less sick for the moment because they have transfered some of their illness to another, thus transfering that negative energy. I saw the result of this within a person I ran into that practiced it, he was in a miserable, sad, diminished, self rightous, arrogant state of being due to all of the exposure he subjected himself to.

Your new age friend, they need to respect your faith, keep their mouth completely shut when it comes to what they are practicing and never, not even once practice it under the roof of your house, otherwise you will be facing some negative residue that could haunt the place forever.



Amen, I dont understand how a New Age agnostic can believe that all religions lead to God yet she feels the need to preach to me about her cult…She also says that she doesn’t like how judgmental the Catholic Church is yet that is a judgment in and of itself!:shrug::eek::confused:

I have come to realize that the difference between psychics and prophets is Jesus Christ, the difference between speaking to the dead through a medium and the communion of the saints is Jesus Christ and the difference between reiki and the laying on of hands is Jesus Christ!

Even if this rainbow nonsense works, Jesus does not approve of it. Who needs rainbows:rolleyes: when you have a MYSTICAL CRUCIFIXION!:):thumbsup:


Sounds like you’re on the right track. Good for you! And stand firm to your convictions. God bless you!


You got that right, big time. Now, here’s something I like to share with people that think their new age cult beliefs are so powerful, I compare their promises, their feats of wonder with what the gospel has shown in clear detail. Army’s defeated against all possible odds, signs and wonders that profound even the most advanced understanding of physics, the vast wealth of information like this is at your disposal.

Along being judgmental, actually she’s right in some regards, it’s the same with Catholics and Protestants, if you dont’ fit in with the status quo, you are not made to feel welcomed, if you have had a difficult life, they don’t relate to you so can’t empathize, but these are people that attend more for the social gathering, not for worship. It’s not the religion to blame for this, it’s society. You don’t need to go to church to see this happening, when I drive my little beater truck, I don’t get the time of day from people, when I drive a borrowed expensive rig, all of a sudden I get noticed, when I wear my shop clothes around town, again, not the time of day, when I put on expensive clothes, people treat me differently. I don’t buy into the material game, it’s empty, flawed, never satisfied, and you can never have enough, always seeking that next thing, that next group of people to accept you in the popularity game, it’s just our society at large to blame. She’ll find this exact same thing in play with her cult, for now though, she thinks she is in league with a bunch of people that have the same views, a band of outcasts of sorts, yet soon enough she’ll learn the same game being played within those as well.


Do not let her use color therapy. Everyone who has responded is correct. You’d be inviting a “serpent”. What seems benign can turn into something much worse. Color therapy could possibly turn into angel therapies, spells (“blessings”), crystal healing, etc.


You are so right! Even that one door should not be opened


I’d stick to conventional therapy if I were in your situation. If you try this, be on guard.


I pray you don’t try it, Party Priest.


Run!! :smiley:


hahahahah YAY!:slight_smile:

Okay I’m not going to do it. How do I explain to her in a nice way that will let her know the truth but wont make her say I’m imposing… could I say “You are a loving compassionate caring person and I know you want to help and I love you but the Holy Ghost has given me the gift of discernment which means I know what is holy and what is evil and I prayed about it and my spirit was disturbed. God’s grace is sufficient for me and my mental illness is a share in the Passion of Christ, a gift of mystical suffering and a spiritual crown of thorns”:slight_smile:

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