Am I obligated to go to mass tomorrow?

Hello everyone, I understand that missing mass is grave matter, unless you are sick, working, etc. I was planning on going to our Saturday night service tonight, but had symptoms of the flu (chills, fever, aches). My symptoms have improved but I am still not over it all the way, I might feel good tomorrow, but I want to get a good night sleep and not have to wake up early for mass, am I obligated to go or should I sleep in to try to improve my symptoms?

Stay home and get better. You can miss mass if you are sick. And you are sick.


Okay thanks!! I planned on going but still sick


I would say if there is the least chance you are contagious you should stay home. That’s what our Father tells us, anyway.


Everyone else will appreciate you staying home. :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol, will do!


By the way, welcome to CAF.

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Thank You!!


Your obligation runs the other way :slight_smile:

He said “feed my sheep,” not, “attend me even if it gets sheep sick.”


get well


We have some Sunday night masses in our dioceses. Just food for thought

There might be a mass later during the evening that you could attend if you are feeling better.

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I have no problem if you were sitting next to me. I pretty much assume that if I go to Mass or Walmart there are a lot of people who are contagious. They may not even have symptoms yet.

If you are still sick then stay home. If you feel ok then you should go to mass.

The Church says the sick are excused from mass. All the sick not the very sick.

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My personal test for am I sick enough to miss mass (because without one I will spend the day in agony second guessing myself) is would I go to the grocery store in this state. If yes, then go. If no way, then there’s my answer.

Edit: you could replace grocery store with any needed life errand. Or would I go to work/school like this? Anything in life you deem quite necessary.

If you a sick, stay home.

Well, except that going to the grocery store really is not comparable with going to Mass. Presumably you pick up what you need, pay for it and go. You don’t sit around at the store for an hour next to people, saying things out loud and even singing aka breathing on people.

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Are there any Sunday evening masses near you? That would give you time to rest up and recover throughout the day and than if you feel better, go in the evening.

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There are a lot of other factors, like is there a known epedemic happening, do you have a fever etc…but I live in Houston and we are pretty much all sick all the time from pollen. One does behave differently at mass when possibly sick versus not.

Doesn’t work so well for those of us where “not going to the grocery store” means getting even sicker because you haven’t been able to eat. Work I think depends on your job as well - I’ve worked jobs where calling out more than once or twice a year could easily get you fired (plus you’d miss a day’s pay every time you called out).

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