Am I obligated to go to mass tomorrow?

No you are not…staying home instead of even possibly infecting others attending the Mass is a very charitable act!

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you may not, and that’s fine…but what of the young, elderly, and others with compromised immunity?

while I feel as you, that I am not worried about my own health, I still think it important to think of the health of those not as fortunate as I am.

The elderly or immune compromised who have an appointment at the doctors office on Monday, that place where sick people congregate. Or who go to the store for a banana. Or who use a public restroom. Sick people can certainly stay home if they feel like they are too sick to attend. But I think a result of a horizontal modern view of Mass is this idea that there are those who should not attend. We would never walk into a doctor’s office and scold others for being there, or tell a homeless person to stay away from the shelter on a cold day, or even glare at a person buying soup and some nyquil. And yet Mass is so much more important than all of those. If you are sick, please dont shake hands or touch others. Maybe dont recieve from the cup. Dont lick the hand of the person distributing the Body. But please come to Mass!

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Please, do not go to Mass with flu symptoms.


I was just wondering if I can be excused for exhaustion late in my third trimester. I want to go but i’m very tired, unusually so, but i’m not sick. My mind is a bit tired too. I thought I would just throw this out there. I will ask my priest for the future but i think it’s too late to ask for today. Thanks

We cannot excuse you. Nobody here has that power. If you are too exhausted to go, you cant go. Period. My wife has missed Mass for the exact reason you indicate. No confession was needed for her.

Ok. thanks, my wording was probably off as I didn’t mean I thought anyone here could excuse me personally.

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