Am I Obligated to Stop Being Co-admin of this Facebook Page

I feel like I’m worrying about nothing :ehh:, but here it is. A long while ago my friend made me an admin of fb fan page for a cartoon character, but as she is a secular non-Catholic, some of her posts bother me because they feature things I cannot condone as a Catholic, e.g. bad language or support for same-sex romance. Because posts made by either of us are displayed as by the page itself (i.e. it is not specified which admin makes the post), I’ve started to wonder if I’m cooperating in some way with the objectionable posts if I continue to be admin. If so, would it be grave?

I had someone working on my website because I am Catholic and I said so, publicly. This would be the opposite of that. The rejection was painful.

If they are open to having a Catholic admin their page, I would do it. You never know what influence you might have on them over time.

I read somewhere that anyone who spent time with a Catholic, practicing their faith, could not help but be attracted. I think this is true.

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