Am I obligated to teach my sisters Catholicism?

I have a couple sisters that aren’t speaking to me, one of which lives at home as I do. We are Catholic, but it sort of seems like what they know is all they want to know. As for my sisters, who don’t want to hear ANYTHING from me, let alone a rule of some sort such as the Friday penance obligation, am I obligated to tell them such things? Can I let someone else handle it? Also, there are so many others teachings of the Church that I hear them bring up – such as pulling the plug on Terri Schiavo – that they may or may not know are wrong. What am I to do? I feel like I should do something, but I am the last person they want to take advice from. I don’t want this on my conscience. :confused:

Sometimes, unfortunately, the last person to whom someone wants to listen to about religious obligations is a family member. Too often there is simply too much emotional baggage to make dispassionate discussion possible. If you sincerely believe that discussions on religion with your sisters would irreparably harm your relationship with them or their relationship with the Church, you are not obligated to teach them their Catholic obligations. Instead, you may pray for them that God will send them someone to whom they will be willing to listen. Of course, if they come to you seeking information, you should do your best to answer their questions or find for them someone who can answer their questions.

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